How long does it take to get an application?

We are new to this and have had our house listed for a few days now and are just wondering how long it takes to start to get applications. We live in the Peak District National Park in the UK and our house is in the woods with a stream through the garden and I’m hoping the pictures do it justice.

Could it be that we have no reviews or perhaps we have put people off with our honest description of various quirks the house has. Or perhaps it is just my patience.

My only comparison is my parents offered their home and ended up with lots of applications pretty much straight away.

We are hoping to go on our honeymoon which we have put off for 4 years.

Hello @Westlancaster, I would like to not only wish you are very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters but also to the community forum. Here you can connect with like-minded members who can offer you feedback and advice.

I can see that you have already added your TrustedHousesitters listing link to your forum profile, that way members will be able to see your listing and provide you with some tips and help.

This post from another owner may also help:

I have been to the Peak District and it is a very beautiful area. I am sure that other forum members will give you some great feedback on your listing as well.

Best wishes Carla

Hi @Westlancaster. I think you have a lovely home, and the location sounds equally lovely. Nothing you wrote would put me off from applying. In fact I’m looking for a sit in that area, but your dates are a month too soon. Try to be patient — I think you’re offering a very nice sit indeed.

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Hi @Westlancaster - Welcome to Trusted house sitters.

Don’t panic - Your home looks lovely and your write-up is good and informative. Mirk sounds like he will be great company, plus in a great location - it is all looking good!

I notice one of your pictures is of what looks like a child’s bedroom - if you would welcome a family to stay there is a ‘family friendly’ filter button that you need to show. If you don’t want to welcome families then I would remove that picture.

When you talk about Mirks walking routine you say “He must go out walking every day but can handle short or long walks (say 2k-12k).” I think the mention of what may seem like an expectation of 12k regular walks might scare some sitters ( but not all)! - however, I think it will be better to say " He must go out walking for at least 2km every day although he does enjoy long walks too"

Finally, If I am being really picky, your photos are all over the place. I would organise them, house first, then Mirk, one of the chickens, and finally the outside surrounding area.

Good Luck - I will eat my hat if you don’t get any applications in the next few days!


Just had a read of your listing and think it’s rather on the long side, which could possibly put people off reading it although you have included lots of information.
I also think you’ve got too many photos and, unlike @Colin, think the animal photos should come first.
It’s important to mention how long Mirk can be left for so please include that.
Good luck! It sounds wonderful

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Although I am a cat sitter (no dogs for me), I think your listing is very attractive and well-written. I am sure someone will apply soon. I agree with some other commenters that the photos could be rearranged. I would prefer to see it as

  • dog (Mirk), then the hens
  • house interiors (bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen)
  • house exterior shots
  • other exterior shots of surrounding countryside
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