How long does it take to find a house sitter?

Hello everyone! This is my first B post in the forum and I just posted my first listing last night. I’ve gone through and added several photos of my home and pets, but so far no bites. I know it’s only been a day, but how long does it typically take to get applicants? Is there anything I can do to make my listing more attractive? I tried adding it to my profile here, but I’m not sure if it worked (I copied the profile link via the app). Hopefully it’s visible!

I admit I’m nervous I won’t find someone to stay with my pets. So any tips you can offer, I’d greatly appreciate it! I’m also perusing other posts for relevant suggestions.

I’m really looking forward to being a part of this community. I don’t get to travel much because of my animals - so here’s hoping THS opens the door to new adventures!


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I can not see your profile link here, Michelle,

Someone will offer you guidance here, a moderator. It is easy. I do not know the answer, as I am new, also, but a warm, and assuring welcome.

I bet you’ll find someone soon. There are so many Sitters. Once we can see your Profile here, you will be blessed with guidance and interest, I am sure. It is a little uncertain when we begin. It was for me, but now I am enjoying the process, and finding success. Faith is a thing!, :heart: :grinning: :pray:t4:
Blessings, Claire

This may not help you, Michelle, but I’ll be in calgary from Apr 3 and would be happy to help with your furry family.

HI @MichelleCalgary ! Here are the instructions for adding your listing to your forum profile: Click here

Hi @MichelleCalgary
You question has been asked on many occasions on the forum. I did a search and came up with this one for instance:

That should help plus other replies here.

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Hi @MichelleCalgary welcome to the community forum! You are going to find it is filled with answers to most, if not all, of your questions and enquiries. Our members are connecting every day and the forum is a great place where you can get to know one another. I went ahead and added your pet parent profile link to your forum profile, this will enable forum members to quickly access your listing and provide feedback.

I couldn’t help sharing this photo of your fur babies, they are absolutely adorable!

You might also find this blog post helpful :slight_smile:


Hi @MichelleCalgary - Welcome to THS and well done on your first listing attempt - it looks great and has just the right amount of information needed.

It has only been on for a day so no need to worry yet.

My only advice would be that the best bedroom photo is spoiled by having Grimm on it ( sorry Grimm!) I would take another one from that angle without Grimm then delete the three you have and just use the new one.

Also, make the photo @Julie-Moderator likes, your main photo - its cuteness will better catch the eye of sitters that are skimming through new listings.

Good Luck!


Hello @MichelleCalgary and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I just had a peruse of your listing, it looks great but I would agree with @Colin and change your first photo to the one @Julie-Moderator also likes, it’s a great main opening photo which is sure to catch someone’s eye!

I would also take a photo without Grimm on the bed and then delete the other bed photos.

You certainly live in a great location, so hopefully with these minor adjustments to your profile you will attract many wonderful sitter/s soon. :blush:


Thank you for the tips, everyone! I’ve taken your suggestions and replaced the bedroom photos with one without Grimm (and taken in daylight, which is better, too, I think). I also made the photo of Jane and Bennet my cover photo. I will read all the other tips and information in the next few days. Fingers crossed I can find someone to sit for me!


Welcome, @MichelleCalgary! I see your listing starts at the end of the month, and there are still no applicants. But there’s still time! Let’s think how we can improve things.

My best advice is to put yourself in the other person’s shoes. For example, think of your ideal sitters. Think of how they will find out about your sit, learn more about your sit, and be convinced to apply to your sit. You should walk through the steps you can (e.g., searching for a house sit), and for other steps, you’ll have to use your imagination (e.g., being invited to a sit by a PP).

We all get tunnel vision. So even better is to do user testing and have a friend sit down at your computer, go to the TH website (with your account), and pretend to be your ideal sitter. Watch/record how far they get in actually finding and applying to your sit. I’m sure you’ll learn a ton.

Good luck! And don’t give up! The first sit is the hardest to find! (Learning curve + you don’t have any feedback from sitters. And TH has no references for PPs.)

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