What is a normal turn around time to find a sitter?


I’m new here and I posted my listing yesterday. I’m a planner and I don’t care to leave things to last minute especially something as important as caring for our pets.

Our list is for almost 2 weeks in the Fall

I was hoping to figure out how long should I wait before I start looking for kennels to house our pets? My preference is for them to stay in their home they love but I also don’t want to be panicked about them having nowhere to be while we are away too.

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Hi @Jeng , I like advance planning too. Why don’t you add your listing to your forum profile, so members can give you input. It’s hard to answer without seeing your dates, your pets, your location, etc.
Here’s how to do that:
How to add your listing to your forum profile

That would depend very strongly on your location.

Many sitters have saved searches for attractive areas. If your listing would be there, you would get the five applications almost immediately (within an hour).

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Thanks I have now done this.


I’ve just taken a look at your listing and it looks great (you might just like to proof read it as there are a couple of typos).
It confuses me a bit when you say your pets aren’t used to being left alone but that sitters can go out for the day.
Your home looks lovely and the animals easy by the looks of things. I’m sure you’ll have interest and plenty of time.

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Thanks I have made a few adjustments

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You have plenty of time to find a sitter. You have pictures of your master bedroom, but not a guest room. If you have a guest room, posting photos of that room will help attract candidates, Many sitters prefer not to stay in the master, if there is alternative space, even if it is not as nice. Best of luck.

Hi @Jeng,

I’ve had a look at your listing and have a couple of suggestions.
In my opinion you should remove your family name from the listing (for privacy reason).
As a first photo I’d put the one of Willis wearing the tie, it’s more eye catching as she’s too cute for words. The one of your dog with red eyes is a bit… strange.
When I read that they can be left for the day, I take that they can be left for 6-8 hours. Is this realistic?
You should specify if sitter will indeed sleep in the master bedroom, but not everyone likes to do that.
Also, is there public transport nearby?

With three months to go you should have plenty of time to find sitters.