How To Advertise ‘Free Days’

When we ‘discovered’ house sitting years ago we chucked everything and started travelling full time with no home address. And we learned that, as has been echoed elsewhere in the forum, that having to find a place to stay in between sits requires both energy and often money that we’d prefer to conserve. Now that we have a place of our own and are on the other side of the sitter equation we’re trying to remember those little nuggets and use them to make ourselves better hosts.


Just popping in to say thank you for being so considerate of your sitters comfort and lifestyle.


As a full time international traveler having the ability to stay onsite before and after the sit is a BIG draw (makes travel planning so much easier especially since we usually arrive from another country and sometimes even another continent!) but potential sitters might also see the “required 2-night” overlap at the beginning a red flag unless there is a satisfactory explanation in the description. I could see how some sitters would wonder if this timing was to give you the opportunity to cancel the sit at the last moment.

The “free days” thing is great when phrased well as you say @themobileretiree . We’ve just pulled an application for a beautiful sit for one dog in the olive groves solely because the brand new HO stated “I will be here for the first 2 days of your sit as there is a lot to show you”. The sit is only for 10 days. There is only one dog. Yes there is mention of plant watering but 2 days?! Strong hints of a lot of extra chores & control issues. #runawayfast


That’s quite the paranoid thinking but I guess it happens. I wouldn’t phrase it quite like that in the actual listing but do explain that there are quirks to these old country houses that are best shown in person.

Maybe you’re reading it that way but as a HO with an old rural home that has a few quirks, I do need time to show the sitter how things work. We put in the written guide the things that can come up but some things need to be shown as well to make sure the sitter understands.

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Yes, totally understand your listing & style of home needs the orientation time @KChev as did the 36 animals in 6 acres of rural Thailand that we sat. However a one dog, plant watering, new build & pool in our homeland of Turkey does not. There were “hidden” chores there which we don’t appreciate. Just state it up front. Turks love a bit of hidden value :rofl: #andimmarriedtoone

Indeed. Anxiety issues about the sitter not getting there (in time). And/or things like complicated instructions for watering a garden (the home guide had a color-coded layout of the garden, and a complicated watering system).

I have learned that now.

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I hear you. Our home was on five acres out in what was lovingly referred to the as “the middle of no where” by my friends and family. I get that rural homes, especially with livestock like ours was, can be a bit of a challenge. I’m not being paranoid just trying to be helpful with your wording.

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This is awesome, ty.

Maybe “flexible dates “