How to Connect with HO for Potential Future Sits

Hi there…New to this site but not new to animals and house sitting. We have done home exchanges over the years and routinely watch dogs on (volunteer at our SPCA).
Question: some of the HO profiles allude to wanting sitters for “ongoing use or future travel”; some vague potential opportunity. Yet it appears that a sitter cannot reach out to introduce themselves for this purpose unless there is a specific date and the HO profile is open to applications. We are looking specifically for sits in Spain and Portugal for March/April 2023. So it made sense to me to reach out now and establish a conversation with those HO who might not currently have a date for that time period, but would like to know about our availability and capability. Am I missing something here?

You can’t contact home owners unless you apply for a specific time frame.
I guess the only way to talk about potential future sits is to use the forum here.
If anyone has a better idea I’d love to hear it!

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Hello @Ilovechris and welcome to the community forum and to TrustedHousesitters. @andrealovesanimals 's response is correct. The TrustedHousesitters website is set for sitters to apply for specific listings, not for general interaction.

You can embed your sitter profile in your forum username/profile, to give you more exposure to forum members. You can also set up a saved search for specific locations and either have a daily email (if done on the website) or individual, quicker notifications (if using the app and your phone is set up correctly).

If you need assistance with those steps, or have any other questions, you can search key words using the magnifying glass and will likely find related posts.

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thanks for the clarification. i’m trying to figure out how to embed my profile into the forum profile…at first, I didn’t realize this was 2 separate things.


@Ilovechris Can you see where I hyperlinked the instructions in my reply? - shows in blue - just checking that you realize it’s there, that’s all. :thinking:

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Could you please explain how to do this: “You can also set up a saved search for specific locations and either have a daily email (if done on the website) or individual, quicker notifications (if using the app and your phone is set up correctly).”

Due to the limits on sitter applications I can no longer see sits I want to apply too. I currently only receive a daily email alert which recently is proving useless as I usally have my winter plans in place by now but not this year!

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Keep in mind that I have a basic membership, which restricts me to three saved searches. If you have a higher level one, you have unlimited saved searches.

Here are the instructions from the help section of the website:

How to create a saved search on the app

How to create a saved search on the website

I have two saved searches set up on the app, for my areas of top interest. I get push notifications on my phone of any listings (including ones I’ve favourited) that fall within those two saved searches areas. Those are my top interest locations, so I want to know straight away.

My third saved search - a wider geographical range - I set up on the website (e.g. if you were watching all of the US or UK) . If I did it on my phone, my phone would be constantly pinging. I get a daily email for all new or boosted listings in that area, regardless of whether I have them as favourites. I view the email on my laptop, then go to the app and favourite any there (I prefer to view listings on a bigger screen). It’s a daily task that doesn’t take long but keeps me current on my areas of interest.

If you decide to create searches on the app, make sure your phone is set correctly. Vanessa has provided good instructions on setting up push notifications on your phone (the display messages or sounds) - you may find posts 13 & 14 helpful there.

I realize it’s a lot of information to absorb at once. You can direct message me (click on @Snowbird) if you later have any questions.

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