Can I ask owners to contact me for future housesitting dates?

I see some wonderful pets and places I’d like to go but they aren’t currently available. I’d like to be able to get on a list with them for future reference and to let them know I am interested. Is this possible?


Hi @dolfandoug welcome to our community forum, thank you for joining.

You can favourite listings, set up alerts and saved searches that way you will be notified when a preferred listing goes live. Once a listing has live dates, if you are unavailable you can message the owner letting them know of your interest for any future travel they may have planned, there are sitters who have used this form of messaging successfully.

The best advice is to be ready to apply as soon as your preferred listings go live, you can apply for more than one sit at a time but only ever accept one.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with other members.

Angela & The Team

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I have contacted owners directly if I’m interested in a specific location but not available for the dates they’ve advertised. We did a sit for a couple living in the same city as our son. They had advertised for a winter sit which we weren’t available for but they then offered us one in the summer which we happily accepted.

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I do this! And it pays dividends! I directly messaged HOs last Sunday as their sit is in the same gated community that I sat a dog, nearly 2 years ago. Their dates didn’t fit with my availability though. Turns out, the HO knows me as she is a near - neighbour of the original HO so she said, yes, of course they would keep me in mind. As this is in Florida, I am very happy!

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Ok, how do I just send a message but not apply when there’s a sit available? Owners state they live in x or y in Oz or NZ but I just want to ask the person for the specific area. This would help me as I may know the x or y & could plan for doing daily things.

Is this possible?