Messaging a Home Owner without Applying for a Specified Sit

I would like some feedback as to how receptive a Home Owner might be in receiving a message, without the Sitter actually applying for the specified dates.
There is currently a Sit that I might potentially be interested in applying for, should other dates become available.
I have accepted & confirmed a Sit in the same area, which I am very happy to do, as it a re-visit with one of my favourite pooches.
The dates of both Sits overlap. So I wondered if it is appropriate to message the other Home Owners to suggest a meet up with their pet whilst I am in the area?
And, is it technically possible for me to message the HO without actually applying for the Sit?

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You can’t message a homeowner without applying for a listed sit, but if you “favourite” the listing you will be notified next time they activate dates.


Well, of course you can send a message like you would send an application and explain that you’re actually not applying. I had a few sitters use this to contact me. They wanted to tell me that they would be very interested in other dates than the ones posted and asked to be considered for a private invitation before new dates are posted officially.


Yes it is and, as @Pawtastic states, you have to apply for the sit then decline it once you’ve had a response from the owner. I’ve done it a few times when there hasn’t been enough information/photos for me to decide whether to apply or something is unclear. I’ve started off by saying “I’m potentially interesting in applying to sit for you but, before I officially apply can you answer these questions….”.

This has been discussed at length here: Contacting HO to express interest even if you cannot make the posted dates? - #29 by Samox24.

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