Message from HO without invitation to sit

I received a message in my THS inbox from a homeowner asking if I could sit for certain dates but it was not an THS invitation to sit. I have never applied to sit for this HO in the past.
Message included this

(then the easiest way to reach me is to text me at this # (***) *******. )

So can a HO message me without a THS invitation to sit.?

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@ExploreDreamDiscover we also get many of these messages come through, the answer is yes (they would show open dates though but not necessarily for the dates they are inviting you), and if you decide it’s a good fit for you and you would like to sit they can then send you an invite to sit.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hmm. @Carla-Moderator told me there must be dates. Can one of the support team confirm or deny?

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@Timshazz if you click on their photo at the top along the header (this is on the phone app), can you see a view date box on their listing? If they have current dates you can see them if you click on this. For clarification all sits need to be confirmed through THS once agreed.

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But they cannot just message sitters without having open dates. That was the original question. Same as we cannot just randomly message HO without dates. Correct?

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@Timshazz there should be open dates on their listing when they write to you but these dates may not necessarily be the dates that they are writing to invite you for. They may mention forthcoming dates that they need a sitter but they haven’t actually listed these dates at the current time. I hope this clarifies. Sitters also cannot randomly write to homeowners without actually applying for the sit dates but you can write if you have previously had contact with them before.


Cheers. I am well aware of most of that information, i just wasn’t aware that HO could message you without an invite if you had never been in contact with them before. Every day’s a school day, if that’s the case. We’ve received dozens of invites over the years but never a lone random message.


Hi @ExploreDreamDiscover PP/Owners can reach out to sitters via “Find A Sitter” I have checked with Membership Services and your invite was one of a number of Private Date invites sent out by this PP/Owner.

The person messaging me does not have opens dates
I see no prior email exchange with them.
I never applied to sit for them.
It was not an invite with dates
They left a phone # to contact outside of THS.
If I were interested I would not make arrangements outside of the THS platform.

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Also, they list the dates they are wanting a sitter in the header but it says currently not looking for a sitter instead of dates.
They include a email address in the listing.
FYI I’m not interested in the sit.

@ExploreDreamDiscover I have checked the listing, this is not an off site arrangement. The owner is sending out Private Date invites, there is a banner at the heading of the invite stating the dates, I have asked Membership Services to check the listing details and also why this banner was not on the message sent to you.

if you need further clarification please send me a Direct Message.

We will now close this thread.