How to deal when a pet break something that's yours?

Hi everyone, recently into a sitting we got the cat we’re taking care of, eating our laptop cables, and we did not have been noticed about the owners anything about that. Even so because they have plenty of cabes around the house and would not imagine that could happen.

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It’s a shame the owners didn’t mention that might happen but cats do like playing with things like that. Guess it’s a lesson for the future. Keep your belongings shut away in your room.

Quite possibly the owners didn’t even know their cat could do that. It may never have happened to them. Cats can sometimes be interested in things or do crazy things and it’s impossible to understand why. We had a cat that liked licking coffee, the ash in ashtrays and fresh paint off the wall. Had we not seen him do that, we couldn’t have warned somebody else of the possibility. We had a cat that liked eating plastic bags, but mostly the cheap ones. We had a cat that liked eating cat hair off the floor. Some of our cats have never been interested in our plants others needed training. Cats are free spirits and start doing things at a time of their choosing. :hugs:

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Oh my goodness @gchampagne those are some very strange feline tastes … what was dinner preferences a mixture of coffee, ash and paint :wink: :heart_eyes_cat: did he not get sick?

Cheap plastic bags, mmm perhaps they were easier to digest, only the cat would know :heart_eyes_cat:

Fortunately with the paint we saw it right away and he didn’t get a second taste and didn’t get sick as he didn’t lick much. He did get a few tastes of coffee and ashtrays as sometimes guests would not be careful even though we told them; this is not something you expect from a cat. However the fact he did not have a discriminating palate had a good side; it was very simple giving him medication in the form of pills when we needed to (a few times over his 20 1/2 years); we just put them on the floor like a treat and he would eat them with no fuss. We discovered that fact accidentally by dropping one of his pills on the floor, the one we were trying to give him by putting it in his mouth and he would have none of it, like all our cats. He heard it drop, saw it and just ate it. :hugs: This was our strange cat:

And here he was doing his famous fainting goat impression:


@gchampagne what a character! Coffee, cigarettes, pills, paint… AND lived to be 20.5! :rofl:


@gchampagne we sat for a cat who took her daily pill exactly as you describe. The owners told us to put it on the floor and say “Buffy, eat your sweetie” and she did. Fortunately she didn’t share any of your cat’s other tastes!

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