Cats think like this


The truth :raised_hands:


They draw you in by being super fluffy and friendly….then wham its like having your hand in the mouth of a velociraptor :star_struck:




I saw on a social media post yesterday that a guy took in his friend’s cat because of an illness or such. The cat apparently became super attached to him, getting attention nonstop. And the first time he brought a date home with the cat living there, the cat bit him hard, presumably out of jealousy. He shared a photo of a serious bite across his hand and noted that it’s never a good thing when your date says you’re bleeding a lot.


Totally relate - made the mistake of giving a cat a belly rub and got clawed - won’t do that again :slight_smile:

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Yay Gary Larson!

I’m looking after a cat as part of my current menagerie, and she has surprised me - does the whole ‘stroke my tummy’ thing, but has never once put her claws out when I oblige. Unfortunately she’s not so kind to the local wildlife, and has brought various murdered treasures into the house, including a squirrel!

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The most Hilarious moment I’ve had with a cat was when I came back home and was greeted both by the cat and the little Dachshund, who peed in excitement. The cat immediately decided it was totally unacceptable to let the pee on the floor and, before I had time to reach the mop, he put the door mat on top of it and sniffed with satisfaction!!!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: He is really clever and cooperative.

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I got this card a whle back: