How to initiate conversation with potential sitters

The THS website (go into Help section) has loads of information, including the process of confirming a sitter @krhazler. @Marion has explained it well though.

THS does explain how everything works — there’s plenty of that available to anyone even before joining. It’s on the website. The forum can be useful for supplemental info.

@krhazler You are not the only one to be confused about this wording.
I agree that the “invite “ button is a misleading label and it would be better labelled “contact sitter “

I can totally understand your confusion as
a newbie. I’ve looked in the help section and it’s not clearly explained that the “invite button “doesn’t mean that you are inviting the sitter -

What it actually means that you are sending them a message and linking your listing (which may lead to them applying and a conversation and then you can invite them and then they have to accept your invitation for it to be a confirmed sit )

@Carla @Jenny can this be feedback to the product team please?

Here is the link about contacting a sitter from the Help pages- it says “ reach out to them directly ” but doesn’t tell you how to do this and it’s not intuitive that you need to use the “invite” button to start a conversation with them .

This article from the Help section could be rewritten to be clearer and more helpful.