How to protect my cat and my garden?

Hi everyone, I have a male cat and generally he is in door cat. There is a vast garden in front of my garden and sometimes he goes there. But recently I have been noticing that one outsider cat enters to my garden and he targeted my Dodo to provoke him. Sometimes he destroy some plants and saplings. I dont know how to relief from this irritating situation. Could anyone please help?

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If the other cat is male and unfixed, that would be a reason for aggression. If you can trap him and get him neutered, he should calm down. I am assuming Dodo is neutered.

Preventing the other cat entering your garden will be difficult. There are motion detector sprinklers that you could ry, but they would also get Dodo. There is special barriers you can put at the top of fences to keep cats out/in also.

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Yes speinkler is a good idea @Lassie, but I got an article online, they suggested some cat deterrent plants that may stop to enter my garden. I dont know in these plants are effective or not. This is the post Best Plants That Repel Cats From Your Garden!. Could you please tell me if these plants are effective or not? If these plants would not be harmful for my Dodo?

The idea has come to my mind because three plantation is my hobby.