Humbled by kittens 😅

I’m currently on a sit for a fourth time. 3 dogs (previously 4 :() and four cats plus two new kittens! I specifically don’t apply for or accept puppies because that is way too much work, but these kittens are humbling me!

They are causing havoc everywhere, they’ve knocked plates off tables, ruined phone chargers, gone through bins, sprayed cat litter everywhere, been knocked off my lap by the dog and used their claws in my skins to break their fall, wedged themselves under the bed in the room they’re not allowed in, every time I open a door that would allow them outside they are between my legs, jumped in my cup of tea, tried to fight my limbs when I’m doing yoga. I’m constantly wondering what they are up to if I can’t see them, and being terrorised by them when they are around.

The adult cats, dogs and I shut ourselves in a room together for peace and quiet from them earlier and everyone else fell asleep. Tempted to add kittens to the blacklist!

All joking aside, they are very cute and we have had some lovely cuddles, but they are hard work!


I adopted a kitten a while back for the first time in decades and a colleague had a two year old son at the same time - we found our experiences surprisingly similar: no or interrupted sleep, getting scratched, things getting broken, toys everywhere, having to rush back home etc… they are hard work although so cute. It’s good that there are two of them so at least they can roughplay with each other rather than attack you (as mine did a lot).


Hi @ERRa
I feel your pain! I sat for my brother last week. He’s got an elderly 17 year cat and 2 guinea pigs that are all easy but they added 2 three month old kittens last month. As you say they are just a bundle of havoc! Couldn’t leave them for a minute without them getting into, onto or destroying something. I tore my calf muscle a few weeks ago so not the best time to be marshalling them! :upside_down_face:


As someone who’s fostered litters of kittens many times, I understand what you’re going through!
They’re lawless little monsters. :grin:
Thank goodness they sleep!


Yikes. You have my sympathies. Never taken care of kittens before, so this is good to know.

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We did a sit last year which included an elderly dog and a kitten. Both were absolutely amazing and the kitten was fabulous fun; an entertaining little whirlwind! We’d sit for kittens, anytime. :heart:


I have fostered many litters of kittens and know what whirling dervishes they can be! My fosters are contained in a separate room in my house so they don’t bother my resident cat, but I can’t imagine the havoc they would wreak if they had free reign. When I am downstairs, it sounds like I have a herd of baby elephants in the room above. It is hilarious and, being a huge cat person, I love it…but I alway cover my legs in that room for when they climb my legs - ouch!

I always encourage adopters to take 2 kittens, not just one, unless they already have a playful animal at home. Kittens need so much stimulation and play that it is practicaly impossible for a human to give them enough attention. The kitten then gets bored and destructive. Clearly you aren’t dealing with solo kitten syndrome, just normal kitten antics! It’s not for everyone - but I would love it.


I was thinking kittens would be fun, but only in a controlled setting. With sits, that can be harder, because some hosts don’t live that way. If I consider such sits, I’ll ask for specifics.

I’ve done two sits with year-old dogs that had to be separated from cats and found the sits variably stressful, depending on the layout of the home and where the pets were allowed or not habitually.