Hurricane Ian - Florida Weather Warning

I have a local sit in Florida schedule to start the middle of next week. And a major hurricane is on track to hit Florida the middle of the week.

Anyone else in a similar situation?

I don’t want to rush to cancel the sit since it’s still a few days out and the forecast could change, but I don’t want to wait and leave the HO without a sitter either. I anticipate roads will be closed preventing me from being able to get to the HO house. And the HO might also be prevented from leaving as planned.

What are others doing?

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I would imagine the first thing you and the HO should be doing is talking to each other asap @EJB.


I would reach out to the HO and discuss plans for both of you.


I agree. I reached out to HO and we have a conversation scheduled for tomorrow.

Thank you @EJB this is the latest …

As other member have said the best advice is to communicate with the owners as soon as possible so that you are both aware and agree on the steps you both take.


If you decide to do the sit, make sure that you and the homeowner go over an evacuation plan for you and the pets and that all have appropriate carriers. I was in the same situation with a pending storm a few years ago and I agreed to take the cats to my home 8 hours away, if the storm was really coming. Luckily, it shifted and dissipated, so all I had to do was bring in the porch furniture that was getting blow about a bit. Good luck and stay safe.


I agree to be sure to be in regular contact with the home host and monitor the situation regularly. currently, the west is more at risk but all can change in a couple of days.
Stay safe !

@EJB have you been to Florida in the past? Having lived in FL over 20 years, I’ve had plenty of experience with hurricanes this time of year. Other than what others have suggested about the importance of communication with the HO, please feel free to reach out on the board or direct message, if you have any other concerns. I found watching The Weather Channel to be the most informative for up-to-date storm details. Not all roads are washed out, but travel can be dangerous before, during and after the storm. Be safe!

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Hmm, thanks for the info. We will have a sit in Florida from 1.11. I hope we will have better conditions :crossed_fingers:

I’d definitely get in touch and discuss plans/options. I’m actually in the middle of a sit in The Villages, FL, and am hunkering down for Ian, which should be here within a few hours. Just sort of hoping for the best at this point…


Hi @DanielleB. Welcome to the community forum. Our thoughts are with you and all the other TrustedHousesitters sitters and homeowners in Florida today. Thanks @Joanne for offering your expert advise and guidance to the sitters with less hurricane experience.

Be safe everyone.