I had a petsit dream or maybe slight nightmare last night

I had a dream last night where I was pet sitting solo (not sure where my family went) and during pet feeding time, there were all sorts of animals and birds coming at me to feed them. Originally it was just supposed to be 2 dogs and I had no instructions on the rest of the animals. There were wild animals too. And then like ninjas, the homeowners came and left without me actually seeing them and left a whole bunch of dishes and mess for me to clean up.

HI @IHeartAnimals. It’s funny (or not funny sometimes) how our brain plays tricks on us with dreams. When I have a weird dream, I always try to look back on the happenings of the day to see what correlates. Sometimes I can see the resemblance, others times…not so much.

Do you have a sit coming up where you just aren’t sure about the size of the pet, or is a sit coming up in a tropical/jungle area (or just unchartered territory for you)? This could be the reason…Who knows, but at least we do know there would not be any wild animals!

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