THS Dreams

I need to stop surfing THS right before bed. I had a dream last night about a sit where they had two lions and a black panther. AND…when I showed up the home owners left and didn’t take their two kids, which I ended up having to babysit for two weeks.

The worst part of the dream…after all of that they left me a one-star, negative review. Seriously stranger than eating spicy food before bed. :rofl:


This sure gave me a chuckle and I can relate! I had a similar dream once where we went to do a sit and there was about 50 different breeds of dogs running amok throughout the house and I just couldn’t get them under control!

Hi @Dawn welcome back it’s been a while since you were here, I hope you’ve been keeping well, apart from having really weird dreams …what was the last thing you saw before shutting down, Black Cat Appreciation Day

“Black cats were created to give everyone the opportunity to be owned by a mini panther”

Not sure about the lions or the other two :rofl: I’m with @Globetrotter thanks for the “chuckle”

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I usually have anxiety dreams like that right before a sit.

I used to have a black cat and they are my favorite…although a panther would be a bit unnerving. Whenever I dream about our dog (a yellow pitty mix), she’s always a lion in my dreams, so I may have seen a dog that reminds me of her.


I’m one of these people who never remembers dreams or doesn’t dream. It is very difficult to work out which is the correct answer.
But it doesn’t matter too much as I’m living my perfect dream….thank you THS.