In 2 hours (countdown on Application)

I have searched the forum and online but have not found the answer.
This is our first time. We have received a few applications already and there is a count down beside our applicants names. Seems to start at 8 hours. It says “in 8 hours” “in 2 hours”. But, it does not say why. What does it mean? Will the application disappear? We would like to wait until we have a few so that we can make the best decision for our pets.
Many thanks in advance for your kind advice!!

It’s based on London’s time zone, so it doesn’t make sense for the rest of the world

But, what happens when the count down ends? we have two applicants messages that have now counted down to 2hours? Will they disappear after those 2 hours?

Hi @deanne and welcome to all that is THS!
No, fear not, your applicants won’t disappear. You will see this apparently random timing on messages but it isn’t a countdown to doom. I haven’t got the technical information but @MissChef is correct, it is based on GMT. When I send a message or application to an owner, mine start at “1hr ago”.
Thinking it through, that doesn’t explain why yours is counting DOWN, if it’s telling when the message was sent it should be going UP :thinking:
But, to confirm, you are not losing applicants like some sort of social media disappearing message.
Also, as you’re new, have a look at threads about responding to your applicants, such as Response to each application? to give ideas about how to manage applications and be aware that once you get five applications you can’t get any more until you decline some and “unpause” your listing.
Good luck getting the perfect sitter!

It’s not a countdown. It’s the variation of your time zone from London’s time zone

Thanks so much!!! I truly appreciate your time in responding!!! I am so glad things will not disappear!!! We have responded to each applicant and have gently declined one that was not a fit.

But how does that explain that it’s counting down @MissChef? The HO would have to be moving across time zones for that wouldn’t they?
(Numbers aren’t my strong suit, if you couldn’t guess!)

Same… Unless its fractions (because I’m great at measuring, LOL)

I need confirmation from @admins but I thought it’s a countdown of the time since it was posted?

TBH, I just ignore the time thing.

Hi @deanne .
I can understand that it can be confusing. As @Saltrams mentions, the time of the message sent will reflect GMT, so can look strange across other time zones.

There is no official count down as such. Depending where you are, the time stamp will eventually ‘catch up’. To be reassured, a message in your inbox will never disappear.

I would not concern yourself too much, and like @MissChef says, just ignore it, and reply and correspond in your normal way.

Those time references are meaningless for my purposes, so I just ignore them. I know when I applied and check time zone differences if needed.

If so many people are complaining about this and being confused by it, why don’t they just take it off?

Honestly, give me the access to edit the HTML and I will spend 1 hour free. :smile: Fixing the three little things that need fixing is all that it would take.


HI @MissChef
Thanks for this. Unfortunately, this functionality can’t be taken off, as it is a very vital part of the messaging system. Once it is explained, it generally puts member’s minds to rest, and we get very few queries in this regard. However, I can certainly see that there is a need to have better information about this on the website. I will also pass this on to our team that does the Help FAQ in the meantime.
The inbox system is due to be overhauled soon, so the product team will also be looking at this to make it less confusing.

But it can be taken off the user interface, so that people don’t see it. Yes, just take out a tiny little bit of html code, as @MissChef wrote.

I will certainly pass this on to the product team for a easy solution in the meantime.

Make the font white, on a white background. It’s a 60-second fix, even an amateur could do it.

Whaddya say, @Ben-ProductManager

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