"In 5 hours"

I sent a message to an applicant. In the app, it shows “in 5 hours” above the unread message and next to her name. What does this mean, please? I’m guessing there must be a way for her to put an “away” status and an expected return time, but I’m curious if anyone knows for sure. Thanks!

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Hello @bjcounts: just checking you can see in 5 hours? Mine just shows the amount of time that has passed since I sent the message.

Maybe it’s another Secret Squirrel test that’s going on…:wink:

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Yes. It now says “in 4 hours.” So it’s clearly some sort of count down.

And yes, other messages are the opposite.

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Hi @bjcounts We think this has been raised before and is something to do with time zones, but it isn’t generated by the homeowner. Anyway as it’s beyond the scope of the moderators, we’ve passed this over to the team and they will investigate and get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

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I’ve also seen numbers that made no sense to me. Keen to hear the response from tech as well.

Hi @bjcounts

We have looked into the issue and thanks for raising it.

In summary, we have discrepancies between the way we record time on the server and the way we display the time on the App/Web. What you have outlined above is a timezone bug, where you are 5 hours behind UTC. Which is our server record time. So it is saying that the message was sent 'in 5 hours".

Apologies for this.
Thanks, Ben