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Query - I have been saving a search for months and today while driving I found the perfect sit, so I jotted off a quick application with the note that I’d be responding more thoughtfully when I get home, shortly. So, I did just that and I noticed TH dated my second letter to them as THE NEXT DAY! Is this some unspoken rule that you can’t add to your application letter until the next day? I’m concerned that they will close up the applications before they have a chance to read my thoughtful letter vs my quick slapdash one. It says unread, and yet it is dated tomorrow! Admins, please explain this unknown practice.

Hi tortimom, just a quick thought here: where are you based? THS headquarters are in the UK— is it possible that by the time you sent your second letter it was already past midnight in the UK?

@tortimom i think the date mark is just a time zone thing. I wouldn’t worry. Now that you have sent a message and effectively ‘applied’ you have opened the line of communication. I’ve done this often when I wanted to send a quick ‘place saving’ message. If I am no.5 then the listing goes straight to ‘reviewing’ so no new peeps can apply but as I’ve made the connection i am still able to send my next message- no problem. & without the pressure!
When I send a message from France where i am at the mo) it says instantly ‘one hour ago’. UK- HQ is one hour behind.
When in Bali I get an immediate message ‘8 hours ago’ I guess your msg indicates you are in the other direction- US? Canada?


Yes as others have said it’s a time zone thing. I queried this before and was told that was the reason, so don’t worry

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I’m in the US, PST, same time zone as the homeowner advertising the sit.

@Angela_L is there any way you can check to see if my add on application made it through? It is very odd that it is still unread since the HO said she was looking forward to my longer more thoughtful application. I am very nervous that it didn’t land, or somehow HO wasn’t notified it is sitting there.

I’d give it a few days. People do have jobs and/or other responsibilities.

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@tortimom I can assist you further, please look out for my DM.

Also as others have correctly mentioned the times shown in the inbox are based on UK timezones as that is where we are based.

I am currently based in the USA now and the same thing happens to me, but none of my applications have been affected by this. The messages will still appear in the order they were sent, so if you were the most recent message to the owner it will appear at the top of their inbox. When they get newer messages they will then appear above yours, but yours will still be there.


The time zone relates to the UK not where the sit/pet owner is. We live in Australia and I was a little confused by this to start with also. You learn to just ignore the times.

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The whole app is biased to London’s time zone. So easy to fix, and you’d think it would be a priority for an international website, right? Guess not.