Incentive for beta testing?

Recently received an email about being a beta tester for new features- would like to suggest that there be an incentive to members for participating in this- something as simple as a free month added to current membership would be great. Coming from a product and QA background I’d happily participate if there was incentive to do so, but otherwise it’s basically unpaid labor.



I also received an invite to participate and I also have the “right” background but chose not to apply for the very same reason

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Hello @Ksquared & @RadarInc Thank you for your feedback. We let the Product team know. They said they are very grateful for everyone who is being part of building the new inbox and they like your idea so will consider your suggestion for future testing. Thank you :slight_smile:

@Carla it would only be fair to also consider this suggestion for the current testing for those who have taken part for the full period. Perhaps you could pass that on to the Product Team?


Great idea @Debbie Any updated from the team I will let you know :slight_smile:

I am just grateful they are asking our opinion before rolling out some misguided, bug-filled change that creates havoc for all of us.


Hello @Debbie Just an update for you.

There were lots of requests on the forum for members to get more involved and be part of new features before they were rolled out so that is why the Product team launched the beta testing for the inbox. As this was the first time trying this and it was in direct response to members asking to be more involved they didn’t plan for any form of incentives for this particular project.

However, as this was the first attempt there is always room to learn and change things next time so they will speak to the wider company for the next testing and see what they can do regarding some incentives. It was a great point to raise and the team will let you know for next time :slight_smile: