New beta test application and messaging update!

Hi everyone,

Firstly, a huge thank you to all of you who signed up to Beta test our new inbox! You’re about to get a sneak peek into our new messaging and application experience.

What happens now?

In the next few hours, your inbox will be upgraded to the shiny new version. We’re eager to hear your thoughts, so a survey will be coming your way soon after. Your feedback is invaluable, and we’ll use it to polish things up before the full rollout. :sparkles:

What’s missing?

While the new inbox boasts lots of new enhancements, please keep in mind that a few features are still undergoing development. These will be added and fine-tuned before the new inbox goes live for all members.

Thank you!

The Product team & the Forum team :blush:


As someone who hasn’t been totally on top of news of the coming enhancements - can you say what they are, please?


Companies don’t usually offer such details during beta testing, because the features aren’t nailed down yet. If you want such info, best to sign up to be a beta tester.

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Yay. Looks like theyve reverted to a more readable color scheme! That was my first take away!


I now can see the exchange again with the HO who is not active anymore on the site.
There is no link to the listing but the rest has reappeared. Good!

And there is now a clear button for withdrawing one’s application. And a rocket (“Hold tight!”) with the assertion that the HO will review the application that I sent five days ago.

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Hi @sbwade

If you can bear with us for a bit, we’re going to share some screenshots for those who didn’t sign up for the beta, watch this space!

Jenny :blush:

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On my laptop I no longer have access to emails from over a month ago. The emails only go back 1 month. I can’t even access conversations for upcoming sits. Even if I go to my dashboard and open the sit, when I click on conversations, it just takes me to the top of my inbox. This is a major issue and needs to be fixed immediately.


For me it is five months (probably the same number of message threads).

Indeed, not acceptable. I was relieved to see that I can still see older conversations in the app.


They really should have informed me before I signed up that I wouldn’t be able to use my computer to contact HOs about upcoming sits and contact HOs that I’ve had previous communications with. I would not have volunteered for this. I can’t stress how bit of an issue this is. I know if won’t be fixed so basically my inbox is useless.

I would think they would check at least basic functionality before beginning testing. Not surprised though. I’ve requested to be removed from the test group.


Thank you!

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Is the test on both the App and website or just one? Thanks.

What happened to our older and archived messages? Are they gone for good? Thankfully, I got phone numbers for some of my homeowners, because I no longer see a way to contact them through the website.

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I just posted about the same issue. My inbox has 20 messages, for me this goes back about a month. So, conversations about upcoming sits that were booked over a month ago are no longer accessible through the website at all.



Just a quick note from the Product team:

We wanted to confirm that the beta currently shows conversations from 20 different users and the user won’t be able to see older ones.

The purpose of the beta group is to try out the new inbox and new features before it’s launched publicly. The beta version is incomplete, as our aim is to gather feedback and identify issues before wider rollout.

We are going to be looking at paginating and loading in further messages over the coming weeks.

If this is going to cause any issues for you then you can request to be removed from the beta via this form.

@systaran I’m sorry this was an issue for you and I understand you’ve now requested that you be removed from the beta, if that’s not the case, please use the link provided above to opt out.

@Shella_in_the_Forum This is for web only :slight_smile:

I know there might be more questions or concerns, so please bear with us while we gather your feedback and find answers for you, we may not be able to do this immediately but we’ll feed back over the next couple of days.

If I can, I’ll pop back and share some screenshots for those who aren’t signed up to the beta.

Thanks everyone,


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Please everyone: Always, always, always get phone numbers and email addresses of Owners/Sitters immediately, so that you are not reliant upon the THS messaging system!!!


Yup. I also take screen shots of the welcome guide, because you don’t want to be locked out if there are tech issues on THS when you really need the info.

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For those who didn’t get a chance to sign up to the beta test - fret not!

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the new inbox features and updates that will be coming your way soon:

Agree, for me also. Limited number of messages available, and the archived section where I kept info out of the main Inbox seems to be gone also. I’ve asked to be taken out of this test to get my data back.

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Wow, there is no colour or pictures on my test site at all.

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@Breezylake It seems like it wasn’t really ready for this phase of testing yet.