Inbox redesign - please tell us what you think!

Hello Everyone,

You might have seen our recent thread about feedback on the Messaging and application system (the Inbox) Thank you for all of your great ideas and suggestions! Please continue to comment on this thread if you have any more ideas as we will still be gathering feedback from there.

Over the coming months, we’re making big changes to the inbox, starting on the website. This work unlocks a lot of features people have been requesting for a long time and, in the long run will make communicating and managing your sits clearer, faster and more enjoyable.

Whilst we do this work we’ll be testing lots of different elements of the inbox and we’ll be seeking your valuable feedback.

Please take a moment to follow the link below. Tell us how many messages you think are currently unread and provide any additional feedback you have on the overall design.

This is the first of many opportunities you’ll have to input into the changes we’re making. Your insights will help us enhance the Messaging experience for all users.

If anyone has any issues accessing the link or any questions please reach out to the forum team. All other inbox feedback can be left on the original thread linked at the top of the post.

Thank you

The TrustedHousesitters Team


@Jenny_V it seems that this can’t be done on a mobile phone ? The link says you have to access it on a desktop.

@Silversitters Jenny is not online today, so I am happy to help. Thank you for letting us know. I will pass this back to the team, and see what we can do to help. In the meantime great spot and anyone who would like to complete the link please do so on your desktop. Thank you.


@Carla_C I just went to answer the questions via the link. The first screen ironically shows the phone app for its image. My concern though is the responses start at 1 - there is no option for zero. This needs correction. There is an option for ‘not sure’ but I am sure - the answer is zero. I therefore currently can’t participate.

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It felt like a psychological test :slight_smile:

Thank you @Snowbird I’m sorry that you can’t participate at the moment. The team are not currently online, but I will pass that back for you, so please bear with us. Thank you.

Thank you for asking for our input! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I did this test yesterday. Am I correct that there was just one question?

@Itchyfeet I got two questions. The second one was about whether I was normal…

I just did this on iPad and got four Qs.

I won’t be near a desktop for a while.

Switch your phone browser to desktop mode after you open the link

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Hello everyone, just a quick update, apologies we should have mentioned in the original post that it is only available on desktop, I checked this and it is so that the images in the survey will be displayed correctly.

@luckycat Thank you for your kind feedback, we will aim to share as much as possible in the future :slight_smile:

@cawosey Thank you for the helpful suggestions! :slight_smile:

Thank you to everyone who has chosen to share their thoughts and complete this. It’s not mandatory but we are grateful for anyone who has chosen to leave their feedback on the survey and attached post. We also have taken inbox feedback ideas from the main suggestions thread.

This will greatly help towards the development of the inbox and watch this space as when we know more we will let you know! Thank you.

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Thanks. I did that and was able to answer. It was 2 questions for me. I don’t know if it makes a difference. Do they really want it to be on a desktop device or is desktop mode sufficient ?. Shrug

Hello everyone!

This survey is now closed, and we’ve got some feedback from the team for you:

"We’ve carefully reviewed over 100 responses received and have concluded that the current font and text color contrast is not sufficient for clearly distinguishing between unread and read messages, especially for users with visual impairments.

We plan to implement a visual indicator to explicitly denote unread messages."

Thank you for all the responses.

Jenny :slight_smile: