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I have just checked my inbox (which was previously relatively empty). It now shows dozens of messages including those archived from 2014. Some of the Homeowners are currently inactive and I realise I cannot remove those but why are my archived messages now showing?

Hello @Twitcher There was a recent inbox update from Ben the Product Manager.

Excerpt of update from Ben * App inbox loading improvements. This is the big one, as this will improve load times across the App and was causing us latency problems across our platform. We have simplified and streamlined the inbox, so we now have an Inbox view and an archived messages view. You can still view all the conversations organised by your open dates on the Dashboard if you are a pet parent or combined member or from the Your Dates page if you are a sitter.

If you have the App then you can manually archive all of the inactive messages, by holding down on the inactive message a pop-up will appear ‘No longer need this message?’ and can click ‘ok’ to archive it.

Your website inbox should still have a separate section for inbox and archived. If you need more help please let me know.

Best wishes Carla

Hi @Carla-Moderator - I don’t usually use the app but I followed your instructions and archived all the messages so the inbox on the app is now empty.
When I checked the inbox on the website there are five messages dating back to 2014 and 2016 still showing which I cannot remove. Any ideas?

@Twitcher I will PM you regarding your specific account now and see if I can help further

Thank You @Carla-Moderator

On my laptop we cannot delete inbox messages from home owners who are no longer active. That’s really frustrating as it clogs up the Inbox.
Also would be useful to have check boxes and do a Global Archive on a series of messages instead of having to do them one by one.

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I would like to suggest that you use the App to delete those inactive members.
If you are struggling, please let me know so we can help on our side.
I’ll let our product team know your suggestions too regarding checkboxes/global archive.

Thanks - yes the app works for that but I do most of my THS on a laptop not on my phone so it’s kludgy and would be nice to have the website cleaner.

@Therese-Moderator With the App I can only archive or unarchive non active members :thinking: not remove/delete

Hello @ExploreDreamDiscover as Therese is currently offline, that is correct you can archive them. There is currently no permanent delete feature. Archiving removes them from your active inbox.

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