Removal of Inactive Sits

As our number of sits and communications grow, the list of messages in our Inbox grows ever longer. Many of these are sits that were not followed up, or where owners are no longer active on THS. We can Archive active sits (eg for communications we have had that perhaps did not lead to an actual sit) but are unable to delete or Archive messages where the member is no longer active. This is getting quite irritating as it is unnecessarily clogging up the Inbox.
As this is really a ‘bug’ (as in there seems little point in why the software would be designed to act in this way) we feel it is something that should be given high priority over suggested new features. Surely it cannot be that difficult to sort out. The problem has existed for quite some time but all we hear is that ‘it is being looked at’ . . . . and the months go by . . .

Really hope you can get this sorted - an update on progress would be more than welcome.


In box now I have all 2017 sits that are no longer active. When I start to delete , more and more coming.

This started happening about a week ago. Just when maintenance was being done on the site. I just thought it was a bug and they’d sort it. Apparently not.

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No, the problem has been there for ages.

It’s easy to get rid of the current ones but when the member is inactive they won’t go away.

Hi All :wave:

The question about being unable to archive conversations with inactive members. This has been an issue for a long time and is not currently something we are working on.

We will look into this further as we need to do an investigation to see how difficult it would be to enable conversations with inactive members to be archived.

Thanks, Ben

Yes @Petermac

The second question is regarding if anything has changed. We modified the inbox query back on July 27th. This could cause some old threads to appear both in the inbox and the archive. Apologies if this has caused any inconvenience, you can archive the old threads, these shouldn’t come back again.

Thanks, Ben

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’Not working on’ ? - that’s not what your colleagues have been saying :slight_smile: Surprised that no progress has been made to such a long-standing problem.

But it is becoming quite an issue as it just clogs up our inboxes - I’ve now as many inactive members in there as I do active ones. And it will only get worse.

Thanks for looking into it and hope we can have an update soon.
In the meantime, have a great holiday - sitting ??


Again, can’t there just be a DELETE option? Archiving something I don’t want or need seems silly to save, just in another file.


Yrs, the option to permanently Delete would be good.


Thanks, but I don’t use the app.

I agree. These constant messages under “applications” that simply wont disappear are very annoying. I keep “archiving” them but they persist.
Why cant we just “delete”???


Hi @Ben-ProductManager I have always been able to archive inbox messages from now inactive members. I do this when I have to uninstall and reinstall the app and all my old unwanted messages reappear in my inbox. I just noticed that all the inactive members messages have now disappeared from my archives area but that’s no big deal.

But that’s using the app. The website does not go that far.

Look, this really is a no-brainer. When a member becomes inactive, their entire output should be archived, with the exception of any reviews they have left . With the capacity to reactivate if/when they rejoin.

As it’s a matter of irritation to those of us that manage our accounts properly , please can it become more of an urgent priority as this is clearly something that bugs a lot of us?

Any progress ?
Just noticed that my previously archived messages have re-appeared in my Inbox !
Here we go again.
Can we have an update please ?
What is it that is preventing a simple Delete option ?

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Hi @Liffy99 I have managed to archive those for you in your inbox, so please do check on your side. Just to be aware, that on the website, we cannot archive the ‘inactive’ within the favourites folder at the moment.
I hope this helps.
Warm regards

Thanks Therese. Yes, I am aware of the problem which has been around for a long time. Hope we can get an update on progress on fixing this - I really don’t understand why there is silence from your team . . . perhaps a description of what the barriers are, rather than just a description of the symptoms, would help ?

Hi @Liffy99 I can certainly understand the frustration this causes you and many of our members alike. Our tech team are constantly working on lots of other areas and issues that come up. However, this is not currently a top priority but we do have this on our to do list.
Please bear with us and thank you for your patience.
Best Wishes

But you have been saying this for ages and it overwhelmingly clear that it is a source of significant irritation for members. As before, have you made ANY progress on this issue AT ALL ? We need more than platitudes - we need an update - perhaps you could tell us the other ‘important’ issues you are working on ?