Archiving Inactive Member Messages

I have two old messages in my inbox in which the other party is now inactive. I would like to archive these messages and keep my inbox tidy. Is there any way to do this as the typical archive button does not seem to be available on these messages. Thanks for any advice. Andrea

If you do a search for “inactive” or “archiving messages” you’ll see some posts on this forum addressing your issue. Not quite sure why the need to clean up an inbox but to each their own. I haven’t cleaned up by THS inbox in eight years and it works for me :slight_smile:

There will be a totally new message interface soon. I think a date was mentioned, this month.

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June 10th is when it changes

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@BonnyinBrighton @pietkuip

yes It was today 10th June. Looks fairly straight forward and easy to follow. It’s also possible to load photos
Not sure if this was possible on the old interface.

I’m seeing the new inbox functionality, but don’t think there’s a way to archive messages from inactive members.

Hi @Maggie8K

I’ve just heard that you should now be able to archive messages from inactive users - can you let me know if it works for you if you happen to try it?

Jenny :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Jenny. Glad you mentioned that, because I just tried and found the feature and it works!

I found it under “Manage” on the upper right when in my inbox on the website. (I rarely use the app.)


Fantastic @Maggie8K - thanks for letting me know and for sharing how you found it! :slight_smile:

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