Inbox inundated with non active HO

My inbox has all the inactive HO’s showing . Since 2016. Help to delete. I did everything, nothing works.

You can not delete them as far as I know, but you can archive them

They were archived and suddenly showed up.

Hi @Grandma. I’m not sure why that happened, so I’m tagging @Therese-Moderator, so she sees this the next time she’s online.

thanks @Karen-Moderator
Hi @Grandma I will have a look for you and direct message you.

Could you please let me know if this matter has been resolved.
I too have an in box with pages and pages of previously archived messages. I cannot archive or delete them and a lot of the homeowners are no longer active.

Not mine.still I have old conversations.

Hi @Therese-Moderator. Is there anything people can do to keep their inboxes clean? Thanks.

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The best way to archive ‘inactive members’ in your inbox, is to do this via the App.
All other inbox messages can be archived either using the App or the Website.
Unfortunately there is no way to delete archived messages, but then at least they out of your inbox so you can have a ‘cleaner inbox’ if you like.
Please let me know if you have any further issues.
Best wishes

Hi @Therese-Moderator - I use the website via my ipad and not the app but in this instance I did clear my app in box.
As you say, unfortunately it does not transfer across to the in box on the website.
It may not seem a big issue in the great scheme of things and I realise the web developers are dealing with other more pressing matters.
What is annoying is that I diligently administered my inbox and then one day all the old stuff suddenly appeared in the in box. Hopefully one day they will disappear as suddenly as they appeared :crossed_fingers:.