Any idea when THS will enable the ability to delete old messages?

I have archived messages from years ago (a former membership as a sitter vs. current one as an owner). Having dozens of old or unneeded messages is unwieldy; I simply need the current inbox and favorited profiles, and perhaps most recent correspondence in the archives. When might we be able to delete unwanted/unneeded messages, either from current communiques or from years ago? Thank you!

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I’m curious as to the question. I’ve been a sitter for seven years and the first couple of years I used to diligently archive my messages which is a tedious task and for the last five years I haven’t bothered archiving, deleting - don’t really see the point in going through that. Wondering what other sitters/homeowners do? I have no worries with messages, etc. sitting in my inbox.


@Globetrotter I use the ‘filter by label’ feature, creating ones such as ‘booked’, ‘declined’, ‘withdrew application’’, and ‘not chosen’. At one time my labels were by location, but I didn’t find that useful.

The only messages I keep in my inbox are active ones - either upcoming booked ones, or ones that are active and I’ve applied for. I don’t apply for many sits, so it means there are only a few in my inbox at any given time.

All other messages are moved to archived - out of sight, out of mind. Mine go back to 2014 and there are pages of them, but I rarely have a need to look at them, so it’s of no concern to me.


I follow the same practice as @Snowbird. I keep only “active” messages in my Inbox, all others go to Archived. Easy, one click process to archive or unarchive a message.

I often refer back to archived messages, especially those sits where we were not successful, as I like to see who was selected and comments written post sit.


Great suggestions! I’ve now added labels to those in the archived folder, and it makes things a bit easier to sort. Thanks for the input, folks! :smiley_cat:

Thank you, Snowbird, I created more labels per your great suggestions.
How do I archive messages from a HO who is “Currently not active”? When I click on the HO name and location in my Inbox, nothing happens, it does not take me to the conversation since the HO’s listing is no longer active.

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Exactly. Archive when conversation is ended. Done. Next.
My brain cells have other things I need them to focus on.

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Unfortunately @Maryse this is something that as yet cannot be done according to THS. I have many HO that are “Currently not active” and would like to Archive or delete them like you. It would be great if this could be rectified @Ben-ProductManager.

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