Increase Exposure for Sitters

We are half way through our second year as sitters and we are usually try to plan six months in advance - more if we can get it. We also have some specific areas we would love to visit and enjoy sits. There does not seem to be a way within THS to have a notification that allows sitters to be able to post “we would like to be considered for a 6 to 8 week sit in (pick an area or country) anytime from September 2023 to May 2024” or something like that. Maybe a very short blurb about reviews and that’s it.

This might give HOs an opportunity to pre-select candidates from experienced housesitters who actually want to be in their area at the time they need one. With the 5 rule in effect, unless we are on the website several times a day, we can easily miss an opportunity to apply for our ideal sit because it limited out and we never knew it existed…

Just a thought…


I agree with you and have asked many times why sitters can advertise their availability.


That would be very useful, in the meantime we set our location to the area we want to sit in and put available dates at or near the top of our profile.