Indoor cameras

I am sitting at a lovely home, but there are indoor cameras I was not told about, what to do? 1 is not plugged in, the other is

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Unplug the second one


@Battybackpacker61 Yes, as @Colin wrote, unplug them!!

Email member services ASAP so they can inform the homeowners that indoor cameras are forbidden on all sits. So the HOs need to remove them for future sits, as well.


Unplug and email member services

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Check for others- unplug.
Tell the HO you unplugged, if you like.
Put it in your review.
Report to THS. INTERIOR cameras are a N O.


This is against the code of conduct .
THS policy is clear internal cameras are NOT ALLOWED

You can report this to member services
e-mail: or via live chat :speech_balloon:

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I’d unplug if there was a recording device I minded. And I wouldn’t bring it up with the host in real time.

Why not: If they didn’t know THS terms and are actually monitoring via the camera, they’ll bring it up. At that point, I’d mention in a friendly way, oh, you probably didn’t know, but indoor cameras are against THS terms. If they know what’s good for them, they won’t argue that.

If they force the issue, I’d say that I’ll take it up with THS and the hosts will want to start coming up with alternative sitting, because such a serious violation means they’re essentially forcing the sitter out of the home.

Either way, they have a choice to make. And if they force things, I’d factually note all of that in my review, so other sitters will know to steer clear.