Insurance for cat sitter having to leave.

Hi. I’m new, going on a trip and want to get my first cat sitter.
If something goes wrong and the sitter has to leave unexpectedly how will I know they can be replaced when I’m half way round the world.
Thanks, Candy

Welcome @Candy88 to the forum.
In the THS code of conduct a sitter must not leave a sit early except where there is an exception circumstance .

However there is always a slim possibility that an exceptional circumstance could arise ( such as a medical emergency and your sitter is hospitalised) so it’s always recommended that you have a backup plan in the extremely rare event this was needed . This could be a neighbour , friend or family member who could step in at short notice to cover for an emergency.

For peace of mind choose a sitter who has previous reviews about their reliability ( majority of sitters on this site) or maybe sitters who sit as a couple ( so if one becomes ill the other can continue with the sit )

Hi @Candy88 - Welcome to the group. The simple answer is that It depends on what your ‘Plan B’ is?

The chances of a trusted house sitter having to leave a sit unexpectedly is extremely rare.

You could also be asking yourself, what happens to your cat If something happens to you on your holiday halfway around the world that means you will be weeks delayed getting home? ( highly unlikely, I know. However, the probability of both situations is likely to be very similar)

In any event, it is always a good idea to have a ‘Plan B’ in place that you can fall back on if needs be.


Hi @Candy88
As mentioned, this is unusual, and it is always a good idea to have a plan B.
However, should this ever happen, always reach out immediately to membership services on There are also occasions where, if it is immediately relisted, last minute sitters may be able to help too, but this is not always a guarantee.

We’re sitting as a couple, and our back up plan if any flights are delayed by pet owners, or family emergencies occur on our end is to split up for a day or two if the pet owner is struggling for a solution.

So we deliberately take sits within an hour or two’s drive from each other, or leave a day or two spare in between the sits that are further apart and stay in a cheap hotel or airbnb to help us not panic and feel totally in control of the unknown.

But you need a back up plan at your end too, as everyone is sitting for free out of goodwill with a mutual benefit on both parts, so you can’t rely on the sitter to instantly find a solution. If both parties always have a back up plan, then it will help if an event arises. Even if its just a case of having a neighbour or family member who can pop in to feed them and give them a little attention, it’s not ideal, but you are worrying about an event that may never take place. So just note down loads of different solutions that you could do if the worst happened, and then you’re head will become lighter.

Nothing unexpected has happened to us so far, but we still have a basic plan just incase.


I may have misinterpreted the question, but is the OP asking how the insurance would work? I get we should all have a plan b in an ideal world, but if you’re stuck at short notice, would ths be paying to board the cat? Ie if the sitter had an emergency mid way through, could they take the cat to a cattery?
I took the premium membership as I don’t want to have to rely on elderly parents to step in, they’d probably help in a pinch but if they COULD help easily, they would be already…