Sitter called away on an emergency. What provisions do you make?

Our sitter asked a question that after 8 years of using THS I have not thought of before. What if, in the course of a long sit (one or two months) she has a crisis, such as the illness or death of elderly parents, and has to leave the sit? We would be abroad and unable to easily return. What provisions have you made or contemplated to minimize disruption for your pets?

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I’ve just done a search on the forum as remembered this question coming up before. Here’s a link to that post which might help:


I’m thinking this perhaps should have been asked in the owner category where i think that is who you are asking @llbarton53. You will learn more from the thread @Smiley has referred you to. Owners always need a Plan B as we’ve definitely found out these past few years!

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Thank you @Smiley & @temba for steering @llbarton53 in the right direction, and a warm welcome to the forum.
I am sure you will find the information you need in the other thread, and if not, perhaps do pose your question again under the owner category as @Temba suggests.
We will therefore close this thread now.
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