Sitters, what are your Plan Bs?

Hello fellow sitters, I’m curious to hear more about how some of you arrange for Plan Bs when you sit. I recently got sick and had to cancel a sit, but I easily referred the homeowner to another locally available sitter who I already knew so it wasn’t a problem. If it had been an international sit and I was sick and couldn’t fly, all I could have done was cancel without a backup plan. Please let me know what you have done in international/long-distance travel situations where you simply weren’t able to make it to a sit. Thanks!

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Hi @cherylfah,

What a great question, I too am curious to find out what other sitters have done in that particular situation. I commend you on going the extra mile for your homeowners to help them find a sitter when you couldn’t make it…while it is not your responsibility it certainly is the kind thing to do and shows you really care about the pets.

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It would be nice if sitters could contact other sitters on TH. If I had to cancel, then at least I could try to do some legwork to find them another sitter.


Contact THS membership services for advice/help as any sitters we know are in other countries

Good question and that is really awkward to fall sick before a sit. I suppose creating a thread here would help and to contact the moderators to see if they could help spread the word.

Great question and one we wondered about recently. What about during a sit? I have started to ask about a emergency backup plan for during a longer sit. I dont want to sound like i am planning to have problems but i feel better knowing something is in place in case of emergencies.

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@cdrewco I’ve ended up in the Emergency Dept whilst on a sit. Fortunately the owner was well prepared and their emergency contact stepped in until I returned the next day.