Invitations for sitters

Just a tip for homeowners. When inviting sitters please send a message with the invite. When I get an invite with just dates and no personal message I don’t even consider it, I just decline. Of course, I take the time to send a polite message thanking them for inviting me. I know with the holidays quickly approaching, many HOs are sending out a lot of invites, but it only takes a minute or two to send a message with the invite.


Hi @systaran I have attached a thread here you might want to have a look at. This is a known issue where the message isn’t sent once an invite is sent. We have had many invites with no message attached and when I have written back to the homeowner it turns out they had actually sent a message but it hadn’t come through because of this issue. It’s always worth checking with the homeowner whether they sent a message or not. Hope this helps.

I feel like I spend enough time trying to work around THS issues. If this has already been a known issue for a long time, it seems like THS should make it a priority fix.

I do get some invites with messages, so is this issue just an occasional glitch?

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Hi @systaran It doesn’t happen all the time, it depends on whether the homeowner tries to send the message and then hit the invite button. If not then it will come through fine.

Seems like THS would want to fix that since it hurts HOs.

Hi @systaran as @MiqueFrançois mentions in the attached thread;
“If the problem cannot easily be solved technically, I should suggest to write a simple notification on the invite page, like “Send your mail first, then send the invite.”
I would suggest this i.e. homeowners sending the message first and then sending the invite until the issue is fixed.

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Unfortunately, most HOs are not on the forums to know the workarounds to the many THS issues. If there is a persistent issue, it’s up to THS to notify HOs of the issue and the workaround. It’s not up to sitters to guess whether a message was sent.

Hi @systaran I would suggest contacting Membership Services at to discuss this issue and hopefully they can advise. I have attached another thread here you might want to also have a look at with this ongoing issue.

There are too many issues…

It is up to THS to fix their user interface.

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I understand you are trying to help. But I’m a sitter, not an HO, so I’m not sending invites, I’m receiving them. If I receive an invite without a personal message I will decline. It’s up to THS to fix the problem, not me.


Then another glitch THS needs to add to its ever increasing list

I wish I had a magic wand @Smiley :magic_wand:

… hopefully in time it will be fixed :crossed_fingers:t2:

I have reported this issue 3 times now over the past 2 years.
It is an important issue that is impacting both HOs and sitters. It should be given priority over the recent changes that help no-one

Hi everyone

I just wanted to pop on and let you know that the Product team has confirmed this is something that they’re working on.

They also let me know that in the messaging and inbox release, owners will not be able to send an invite without sending a message.

I’ll be happy to pop back if I hear anything else.