Is It Me or Is Australia Bursting With Sits Suddenly?

Not that we can get there :sob: but there are some really cracking good sits being advertised.
Sigh :pensive:, if only…


Be great to get out there at the moment wouldn’t it? Dream on …


Oh, more than great :heart_eyes:, I just adore Australia and the sits keep on appearing day after day at the moment.
As I’m rather new at THS I wonder if the recent influx of sits there is normal, like pre-Covid quantities? @Angela what do you say?


I would rather prefer NZ but again, igt’s forbidden for us. NZ was right to protect correctly, Aus
tralia does not accept europeans, does it ?


@Saltrams you are absolutely correct there are some amazing Australian sits coming to the site … key factor they have COVID under control, coupled with the seasonality factor.

Travel will still be domestically driven but the fact is they can move around their country once again and travel between Aus & NZ is allowed …

For those interested this is the latest News from the Australian Gov

Once other countries mirror the current situation in Aus & NZ you will see growth in opportunities


Up to now each State has had closed
Borders for instance here in WA we are opening our Borders in a week after close to six months of firstly no travel, then within our State and now we can go interstate without 2 weeks quarantine on our return. So everyone is off to see their families etc.
For us personally who have been sitting all over the world for 10yrs, we have been home for the longest period for a while. Travel overseas also looks to be off the cards for another 12mths. But we are safe and Covid is under control so we should be thankful.


Hi @Vsnedden, Welcome and thank you for the update on domestic travel in Australia. We can’t wait to hear about your 10 years of pet and housesitting and have you share your experiences. The most important thing is you are safe and as you say, Australia has COVID under control … be thankful indeed, Enjoy the conversations, connections and meeting new friends.

Hello from sunny Newy(aka Newcastle Nsw),

Sorry for the rambling post!

There have been sits here in NSW throughout the state border closures etc & have continued to have some fun fur kid time. Few cases have still meant elbow bump greetings for first sit greets but otherwise normal. We’d never sit in Sydney as we may want to travel to other states & want to keep away from hot spots. Newcastle had 2 cases in late july & was a huge deal which no one wants again!

The state border closures have been hard on everyone & often frustrating. People are rightfully heading to see family & quite a few (TH &Aus house sitters) sit requests state so.

Thankful Aus has only 89 active cases but doesn’t mean we can head to visit an elderly parent back in NZ without 2 wks quarantine there :sob::sob:. Other hurdle is getting to Canada to visit family at some stage late next year :crossed_fingers:.

Have a good week folks!



Welcome @RunnerC, as i’m french for me Newcastle was in England and Wa meant Washington. I réalise all these names are in Australia.

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Hi @RunnerC welcome to our community forum and its so helpful hearing the news from Australia, first hand and what a relief it must be to know you can visit your parents in NZ.

Thank you for joining the forum, enjoy the conversation, connecting with everyone and we look forward to getting to know more about you and your TrustedHousesitters journey.

Stay safe and hopefully a visit to Canada is not too far away, in time … the distance now that’s a different story.


As a home exchanger I had two swaps organized in Australia for February 2021, to celebrate my retirement. One in Adélaïde, the
other in Wollgoolga. Of course everything was cancelled.
Who knows, maybe One day, I will travel there but as a sitter. :woman_shrugging:

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Cool! That’s an awesome drive from Adelaide to Woolgoolga and should you ever do it in the future, i’d be happy to keep in touch with ideas :+1:.