Is this acceptable?

Hi all thanks so much for the feedback. I really appreciate all you taking the time to contribute. I have left them a negative review, not super low or trashing them, but definitely not 5 stars and I listed the issues, along with the positive aspects of their pet care.

I didn’t want to make a complaint to THS as I really just wanted this all to be over. The whole experience and the communication with them post sit has been very upsetting. However they actually reported us to THS after reading our review. We luckily had written evidence showing that their claims were false so THS is not taking action against us. However, after I pointed out the lost key and knowingly leaving the door and window open they have flagged the sitters account. If they have other issues they might be taken off the site. So they’re try to take down our review actually backfired… I now wonder if the sitter only has five stars because she’s intimidated or manipulated other people into not leaving reviews…

Leaving things behind by accident is completely understandable, it’s the intentional leaving behind, and not saying anything until asked, that is an issue for me. So now I have the job of taking it to the city to donate.

On top of what I mentioned the fridge and cupboards were full of their food and they left lots of toiletries in the bathroom, I didn’t mention it because I didn’t want to get too picky, and for me that’s more understandable because people are more likely to use those things.

I’m curious about the bed sheets issue. Would sitters not expect their bed to be made for them or would they be fine with putting on fresh sheets and washing the HOs? I just assumed this was the norm, for sitters and HOs. If someone is an a rush and doesn’t have time, and gives the other person a heads up I would understand it not being done.

As for the furniture it’s fine to move stuff to be comfortable during your stay but put it back as it was. And no, I’m not going to complain about 1 table or rug, but a whole kitchen cabinet, a sofa left randomly in the middle of the room. All the kitchen counters rearranged, well that’s not cool with me. But I will state that in future sits so people know that expectation.


@Becca3 I suggest that in your listing you just say that you expect your home to be returned to you in the same condition as when you left. You may mean that, by what you’ve written here. It’s just that if you go into specifics, such as kitchen counter items to be as when you left then you may give an inaccurate (negative) impression to sitters.

As for your question about sheets, it’s best to include in your welcome guide how you would like your bedding and towels dealt with. Some factors, such as how early the sitters may leave, may affect what is realistic. As long as sitters know your expectations and can discuss it with you, most sits should go well.


That’s so sweet! I honestly don’t know if we’ll use a sitter again as the whole things has kind of betrayed our trust. Also their retaliation after we expressed our concerns has been really nasty. They reported us to THS, saying my car, which I lent to them or their request, was not roadworthy. Thankfully I had the invoices of the MOT and the service I’d had done the same month they arrived specifically to ensure the car was in good condition. But I know there are great sitters out there and my parents have had wonderful experiences. Hopefully people won’t be put off by the negative review we left. No doubt they are going to leave us a horrible one too…

Sure, that’s useful. Will definitely talk about it next time.

Yes, I am fine with that. I am doing it that way when i have guests from couchsurfing etc and I have encountered it on THS at least twice. I do not see this as a problem, it takes a few minutes of the whole period of the sit.

I would never expect my guests to launder bedsheets and towels etc. I can do that (or rather: the machine can do that), it is no problem. And then those couchsurfers did not even walk a dog etc, they were just my guests.

Yes, some of those guests have also left some leftovers for me to eat, or junk for me to throw in the garbage. Ok, I throw that in the garbage, takes a minute. I do not remember any large-scale rearrangements (except when they made a bit of a studio for a podcast), but non of them stayed more than a week anyway.