January Is "Walk Your Dog" Month ... Time To Share Your Dog Walking Moments & Memories

January Is Walk Your Dog Month why do we celebrate something owners do 365 days a year?

  1. Your pet loves it … no matter what the weather (well most do!)
  2. Walking gets you both moving
  3. Research proves that it’s good for your mental wellbeing
  4. You both get lots of fresh winter air, appreciating the countryside or city park
  5. Play time and training - stimulate your pet’s mind and make training fun
  6. Quality one to one time with your best furry friend

We know many sitters, unable to sit right now are missing their “walkies” so we would love you to share your favourite dog walking memories, a clue where the picture was taken - we’ll try and guess

Pic Credit: Julie & Jonathan http://theglobalpetsitters.com/

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Not doing a sit at the moment but looking after a wee dug in my own house for a key worker, so she gets dropped off just after 8 in the morning.
I have been doing a 5km walk every morning right through lockdown so now Lexi comes with me. Not sure that she is used to such long walks but when we get home she sleeps for most of the day until getting collected in the evening.

The boat is the paddle steamer “Waverley”, the worlds last seagoing paddle ship.


That’s such a lovely story Peter, thank you for being the help in a key worker’s life and you get a walking companion, a win win win.

If she starts to hide when you produce the leash … :))

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“Walking The Dog” #TeamTrusted’s @Paul-Admin with Dolly checking out the ducks …


“Walking The Dog” #TeamTrusted’s @Katie-MembershipServices with her Tilly taking in the salty air of Sussex


Memories of “Walking The Barclay” in San Diego CA


A couple from Yokohama in Japan.
Met a guy out on the bayfront walking his Meercat
And on my last day, I spotted these in Chinatown - not sure this counts as walking?


A few years back my Spaniel Duffy decided to take the Elephant for a walk.


#TeamTrusted Barry’s Adorable Gang … The leader of the pack is?

I, walking Scheggia last february in Guernsey

A couple of french pet sitters walking my own dog Nuage in summer 2019

Nuage, myborder collie, curious during a walk afew weeks before his death

Nuage & Foudre, my own pets, happy to walk in the snow on Mt Ventoux (Provence) winter 2017


Christmas Eve just past.
Walking around a little village .
On the last evening walk.
Looking at the little church.
Which was in the middle of the village .
All the houses around it had lights on around the gardens.
It was so special.
Then Santa made a racket bringing bikes and prams.
Although he thought he was quiet :shushing_face:
Memories you can’t replace when your own have grown up.


I’m making books on all my (passed) pets, find this photo. Although blurry… Memories of great fun with my beloved dogs Foudre & Nuage


Thats an amazing photograph so natural

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Our senior rescue pup, Foxy, used to love to hike with us. She was very dog-reactive, so she enjoyed remote trails where she would not encounter other dogs. She passed away a few years ago and I still miss her dearly.


She’s adorable @Southernsitter thank you for sharing.

We’re so sorry that Foxy is no longer with you and we do have our happy memories of course but missing the presence of a furry family member who has passed, stays with us … they truly do leave paw prints on our hearts.

Angela & The Team

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A big High Paws from Scout … Happy Walk Your Dog (Every) Month - Sarah!

Greeting from Switzerland … Bailey enjoying her daily Lake Geneva walk.


Meet the #TeamTrusted Office Dogs Enjoying Their January Walkies …