Dog Lovers - Can you answer three WALK YOUR DOG WEEK questions?

Coming soon … WALK YOUR DOG WEEK

During the pandemic walking our dogs kept life just a little bit more normal and for those of us who sit dogs we missed being connected and the simple joy of walking with a best friend, sometimes a “voyage of discovery” others a slow stroll on familiar ground but whether our companion is a Springer, with inexhaustible energy or a senior stopping to smell every “rose” for pet lovers, like us, life with a dog is better and walking with a dog is good for our heart and soul :dog::heart::dog:

Walking a dog on a daily basis not only increases the endorphins in both human and canine brains {happy chemicals} but it improves the bond between dog parent/carer and dog.

“If you walk your dog just 30 minutes a day, you will meet national recommendations for YOUR heart health …Remember… a tired dog…is a good dog!”

Now answer these three questions and share a favourite dog walking pick

  • WHO created Walk Your Dog Week & In what year?
  • WHEN is Walk Your Dog Week 2021?
  • WHY was Walk Your Dog Week created?