Judy and John Penrith NSW Australia

Hi we are looking for house sitters for our modest home , and to care for our 10 year old dog , Noah who is a Jug- pug/Jack Russel and our cat, Lulu , a moggie, black who is 11 years old .
Our home is between the Blue Mountains and Sydney, with easy access to either.
There are lots of activities, restaurants, clubs around the area . Penrith is situated in the. Eleanora River at the base of the Blue Mountains.

Hello to everyone. My husband and I have just joined THS, trying to find house/ pets sitters for two weeks in April.
We thought this would be an ideal site for us as our previous privately negotiated sitters are no longer available. Our son who may have been have to help is not able to assist at this late notice.
We thought the site looked great but we are not having any luck with finding anyone for two weeks for. 8 April.
Our home is between the blue Mountains and Sydney city, with easy access to either by car or public transport.
Our area has quite a number of interesting activities , restaurants and bush walking close by.
Im hoping that someone may be available very soon.

G’day JohnandJudy,

Sorry I can’t help as not venturing over the ditch this year.

I’ll tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity as there are options to boost your sit or note it on the TH social media channels.

May you find a lovely sitter for Noah & Lulu :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @JohnandJudy welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters thank you for sharing Noah, Jug Pug and Lulu with our community, I wanted to take a peek at your family but unfortunately could not find your listing, you can add it to your Forum Profile that way other members can look too …

Here’s how you can do that How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

Thank you @RunnerC for helping our new forum members and yes we can share your listing on Social to give it more exposure, do let me know if tnhat’s something you would like.

Angela and the Team

If you’re searching for this sit, it’s not listed as in Penrith but in Orchard Hills :+1:. It’s within the Penrith LGA (local gov’t area).

Many thanks everyone
However we’ve decided to withdraw our subscription as we couldn’t find anyone available . I may look at this site again in a year or twos time
Kind regards to,all