Just got cancelled as a sitter and very frustrated

We booked a short (3 night) house sit just 2 days ago that worked almost perfectly with our road trip around the South Island of New Zealand. The HO cancelled us last night because she “found someone else who can stay later on the day we return”, this was not a problem when she booked us, and “do both weekends”. Again, this was not discussed when she booked us as being one of her preferences. I have been a member for 4 years and have completed 43 house sits through THS and 37 house sits through Kiwi House sitter. I’ve had plenty of cancellations in the past for various reasons, but never because a HO found someone who better suited their needs after they booked and confirmed us!

I am a premium member and have the cancellation insurance. I emailed THS last night (NZ time) 8 am UK time and no response at all. Just tried to chat and got a bot, just tried calling and goes right to VM that they are "helping other customers. T&C’s state that I have 24 hours to report cancellation to THS.

@Angela-CommunityManager , @Vanessa-Admin , @Therese-Moderator , can you offer any help?

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Hi @Knowmad I’m really sorry to hear of your situation I am going to pass this directly to the Membership Services Team via the internal channel. They will respond to you via email.

Thank you!

Hi @Knowmad We are so sorry to hear about your cancelation. I see membership services has been in touch and will reply to you again this morning. Kind regards Therese

Hi Theresa,

Looks like you have not read the communication between myself and membership services and Angela? I am not confident at all and still have not had most of my questions answered. I am extremely frustrated at this point! It is 12:14 am here in NZ and I just happened to check my phone.

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Could you please answer the questions that I posed to Emma? I keep asking about a claim form? I sent screen shots of my conversation with the HO to which I reveived no response. The accommodation that I am looking at booking is not right in the area of the house sit because the house sit is rural. Is that acceptable and how do I know that I will be reimbursed? I would really like to know what repercussion this HO will face for cancelling us for no reason? I would like to lodge a formal compaint against her and would like to know what it takes to make that happen? Why do I have to keep repeating myself to multiple people in order to gleen information? Could you please read my communication to Emma and Angela and answer my questions? Or could you please assign me to someone who has handled this situation before? I would like to get this process goind before the weekend. Thank you.


Hi @knowmad I am so sorry for this. I will email you directly from membership services with the necessary information. Kind regards Therese

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Hi @Knowmad as Therese from Membership Services has this in hand I will close this thread.
Thank you for your patience.