House Sitter Cancelling

Hi everyone - so far my experience of TH has been fantastic - I’ve had 3 sitters so far. I am a new widow with pets at home - so you can imagine THS has been a godsend. I have booked to go visit my family in October (10-19th) I have confirmed a house sitter who today has just cancelled via SMS. Apart from being so stressful - as I may have to cancel my family visit - but there is no way to register this on the sitters account.
Surely I should be able to register that my sitter - after confirming - (so I booked flights and made plans) has now cancelled.??

I have re-advertised… perhaps i am sounding off as I am so frustrated :frowning: I should say that the sitters I went with were a couple with a small child who only had a friend reference. So in effect they have never sat with THS. Perhaps this is a lesson to all of us. Only choose people who come with numerous references??

Anywhoo - wish me luck in trying to find a new sitter …

(first world problems :slight_smile: )

Welcome @joole so sorry to hear about your sitter cancelling . Whatever the reason they gave it must be very stressful for you . You can inform member service who do keep a record of cancellations .

Whatever the reason given you should do this otherwise , the way THS is set up it looks like you as the Home Owner are the one who cancelled .

This is the e-mail to contact them - include screenshots of the messages from your sitter when they cancelled .

All the best in finding a reliable sitter and yes for peace of mind maybe one with some great THS reviews .


Hello @joole and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum. I am very sorry to hear that your sitter has just cancelled. What reason did they give for cancelling?

Cancellations without good reason should always be reported to Membership Services. Cancellations where the sit has been confirmed through the website with both parties having officially agreed and accepted the arrangement.

For reference, as a member, you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link, should you wish. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback and will also give your listing extra exposure.

You do still have plenty of time to find a new sitter/s and I have my fingers crossed for you :crossed_fingers:t2:

I have just sent you a message @joole

@joole that sounds stressful indeed. Perhaps someone on the forum can help? I’m already sitting in your dates…

Have you linked your profile with the forum?

This sort of thing only happens very rarely and yes, looking for good refs are key to minimising potential problems.

It’s great that you are reaching out on here and do update us on how you are faring…

Best wishes.


Thanks for reaching out!

I’m now hopefully sorted ! :crossed_fingers:



Hi Joole, we are in a similar situation where our sitter is not responding. i have asked simple questions like “what time are they planning to arrive” and do they have any questions etc…
Im mentioning this to you as our sitters are also a couple with a small child and the dates we require them include the dates you required. perhaps they are the same couple?

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Hi : my couple were Canadian & Australian : but put your dates back up and find another sitter. You can cancel the existing sitter on the website - especially if they are not responding? I call too.

This is my first glitch ( 3 very successful sits previous) and fingers crossed my new sitters will work out.

Good luck


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Thank you, ours were German with Jamacan relocation connections. The date they confirmed with us was the same date your sitter cancelled. I just thought it might not be a coincidence.
We have made alternative arrangements for the cats that dont involve THS.