Lack of response and five weeks to find a pet sitter

We have been members of THS for years and always had great feedback and lots of applications. We had a house sitters confirmed but they can’t find a pet sitter for their cat so they now can’t commit to us and we are five weeks away from our dates.

I have done as suggested by THS, contacted everyone of our past housesitters to see if they are available and used the house sitter availability search and everyone that showed available that I contacted either hasn’t replied or actually isn’t available.

I am wondering whether the new tiered ownership is effecting how visible your dates are to housesitters? I have even upgraded our membership to the next level until it renews next month and no applications for a two week sit.

Its really making me question renewing our membership.

Any suggestions?

Hi @LisaRoads54 You certainly have been thorough with both your write up and photos. I have not read all of it, but I do notice that you say many things are within easy walking distance and yet you say a car is needed. You may want to reword it to ‘Although a car is preferable, …’ and then explain what’s within walking distance. I would then remove the tag showing car needed. You may have other reasons I would not know of for requiring a car, but that was my initial reaction.

You also mention that you often take your dog with you. If that’s the case this time, I would change your headline to show only one rabbit will need care for this sit.


Yes, I think it would be good to make clear which sits are dog + rabbit or rabbit only. (I wonder if some people are nervous about having both and having to keep them separate.)

You can ask THS to boost your sits via social media too.

HI and many thanks for replying to my post :slight_smile: for this sit we need both our dog and our house bunny to be cared for.

Our house bunny has her own dedicated room and we have child gates out of the kitchen to the rest of the house which keeps Poppy our dog from wandering around the house without supervision. We always keep a two door closed policy between dog and house bunny and all of our house sitters have been great about managing the two to date,

I would like to see the option of being able to somewhere show whether one or both pets are going to be home against the various dates that we have advertised but I can’t see where I can actually do that. Any suggestions gratefully received :slight_smile:

@LisaRoads54 from what I’ve read from the forum team responses (Vanessa & Angela), it is done by changing your headline. You may want to also edit your listing, to start by stating it is just for a rabbit, when that’s the case.

It’s not clear which sit is ‘this sit’, when you have five dates. Maybe include all the dates in the introduction and specify for each. Eg, “May - Pumpkin rabbit + Poppy dog. June - Pumpkin rabbit only”??

Yes, I read that and think it’s easily done - but maybe stress how easy it is in your profile. (I’m just trying to suggest what might seem like pitfalls to a sitter.)

I think I have run out of room to list all of the dates in the intro but I will have a go and see if i can do that

Hi and thanks for your feedback

For these dates we are overseas so we do need both our dog and house bunny taking care of.

We can walk to a good choice of amenities but if a vet visit was required a car would be needed because we don’t have a local taxi service and walking to the vets would be too far with sick rabbit or dog.

I can’t see where we can indicate against various dates how to show that we only need one or both pets taking care of again them.

Hi I have managed to make space to add the dated within our home introduction and annotated against each whether its both pets or just our bunny that need taking care of :slight_smile: thanks for the suggestion

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