Last minute date changes by home owners during sit

Thank you Therese! Let’s hope it’s a one off, I really am looking forward to future sits, the sit itself has been wonderful, lots of lesson learnt for future sits, it’s great to know there are members here willing to listen, share and advise

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Thank you for your feedback everyone! It’s great to know there is a very supportive community out there!


I totally agree! I really appreciate your feedback and 100% believe flexibility is the key, thank you


Absolutely agree! I am well and truly prepared for the unknown and am very aware and understanding that personal circumstances can impact the sit from both sides. I do not doubt they they are decent people, I just think they need to be brutally honest with sitters if work shifts, pending holidays etc are likely to change. It is me who accepted the changes and therefore have to accept the current situation I am in , as previously stated I’m just disappointed and hope this does not happen again, I love doing this!


I will be upgrading my membership as an outcome of this! Due to the HO’s having positive reviews previously I believe this is a one off, in all of this is a fantastic pet who will miss out on amazing sitters through this site should they be removed. I think a frank conversation with them will make this clear and make them realise the implications of what they have done.

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I appreciate your feedback, thank you, from what I can see, this has never happened during their sits before, I have definitely been too accommodating but future sitters may not be and I will share that with them.


I feel I was too accepting, I didn’t want to add more stress to the current situation, however, I will discuss this with them via my handover communication and review, lesson for future sits is to ask more questions and also be more direct!


Thank you, I thought exactly the same, imagine if it was the other way round, this really is a two way relationship built on trust, they really are nice enough people and seem to have good reviews previously, hopefully with some feedback around the issues this has caused they will not let this happen again.


Thank you, I will be more direct in my handover notes and review, its a lesson for future sits!

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I agree Gardencat. You ask permission to come back a day early. No big deal, IMO, and they agreed. If they didn’t agree, they could have said no. It doesn’t hurt to ask. We almost always spend the night before the HO leaves and sometimes when they return if they are returning late. What’s the difference? Especially because you gave them a choice. Communication and flexibility are everything with sitting. Agreed, it would have been better before, but things do come up. As long as everyone agrees, it’s all good. Not the case with a cut of 3 weeks on a long sit without any thought of the sitters situation. Management should step in on that one!


If you have the TH premium membership, they will pay for short notice cancellations like these up to $150 a day for no more than $450 per claim. The TH website has a page where you can put in the claim.

Just checking as I don’t see that. I see $150 per day up to $1500 per sit, max 30 days per year. Where are you seeing this?

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I agree that should qualify as a cancellation. Here’s the Sit Cancellation Terms and Conditions definition:

‘‘Sit’’ means a stay by a sitter(s) at a home for an agreed period of time organised, confirmed and accepted through our platform.

So, if the HO / pet parent does not honor the agreed period of time, that would be a cancellation.

I wonder though about section IV.3. which says:

  1. Alternative House Sit

(a) Where time allows, sitters must allow us to recommend alternative house sits that may be of interest

(b) Where a sit is cancelled at short notice or abandoned during the sit, sitters must allow us to attempt to source an alternative house sit where possible.

So, if a pet parent changes the time for the sit from 14 days to 10, it says the Sitter must allow THS to “recommend” another sit. Would the new 10 day sit for the same pet parent be one THS could recommend? It doesn;t say the Sitter MUST ACCEPT the offered sit - just that the Sitter must allow THS to “recommend”.

Any thoughts?

Check the Terms and Conditions. It’s a link when you look up the Sit Cancellation Insurance using Help.

All I see on the web site is this:

“For further information or to make a claim, please get in touch with our Membership Services team.”

Can you tell me where you found the claim form, please?


You’d be required to look for a sit for those four cancelled days. If you can’t find one, you could claim insurance for those four days.


You just email them and tell them. They will give you the specific info you need to give them.

There is no online form.

Keep good records of all receipts and alternate sits you applied for and take screenshots of your conversation with the home owners to prove they cancelled on you.

I don’t see that parallel here, because if the change in arrangements were proposed in advance, you can make that request, and still, either party should feel completely comfortable denying the request.

Once the sit has begun, all bets are off. If you ask a sitter to stay an extra day and they can’t, honestly that is your problem.

If you need them to arrive a day early, and the sitter can’t do that for whatever reason, again, that’s your problem.

ALL OF THAT SAID, HOWEVER, there’s no harm in asking, for both sides of the situation, but there needs to be a certain intestinal fortitude to say “no, that doesn’t work for me,” or, " Yes, but if I make this accommodation for you, I may need an alternative accommodation or reimbursement (especially if a sit is cut short and it results in an expense on the part of the sitter!)"

I don’t think in this context that reimbursement counts as compensation. Those are completely different from each other.


I can understand the problems caused when dates are changed on short notice. As a HO, I believe success with THS on both sides means a pretty strong commitment to the posted dates. On one occasion, I had to ask my sitter to stay a couple of extra nights (I was traveling due to a family emergency). It worked because the sitters live in my city and had the flexibility to help out, and I was very very grateful. On the other hand, I once had sitters who left my sit to go to a funeral. I agreed because they promised they would be gone only 24 hrs. But the airlines had different ideas, they got stuck and were gone 4+days, while I was scrambling to find friends to cover the care of my cats. Bottom line, sometimes THS experiences can go south. But overwhelmingly, my sitters and I have had good mutual experiences on over 8 sits. So don’t give up!


Absolutely you should mention it