List of questions for HOs to ask the potential sitters?

Welcome to the forum @jaumais
That’s very kind and generous.
I am certain your sitters are grateful.

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That’s right. Some of us are full time travelers. This is my retirement. Why do I need to have a house I’ll never be at?


If I host plans to buy food for me, they should ask me exactly what I want. Or better yet, take me to their favorite grocery store when I arrive. I really prefer to pick out my own food, whether I’m paying for it or not…


THAT was a huge breakthrough for me when I finally decided to let go of my house back in 2015. I was never there and it had become a revolving door for my adult children :rofl:
Now I realize that I have a much greater desire for life experiences, discover new people, cultures than years left of life. I don’t and won’t to spend those years sitting at home in one place with the same thing day after day.


Yes, Amparo, that’s so true! I’m living so much more interestingly, and often luxuriously!!


We bought another flat last year after living on our yacht for over five years. The pandemic scared us a little and made us realise we needed a bolt hole. It’s rented out on short term rents and we only go back once every six months to do maintenance and deep clean it.
I love the wanderers life.


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Could HO give a list of questions to ask potential sitters?

Great Questions. Thank you. I would also ask if the sitter plans to bring anyone else with them and is that person also ID and Background checked. This is one issue I have with THS site. Apparently, there are several sitters on the site who have partners, but only one of them has been checked. Not sure how to alleviate this concern.

Hello @Dbielss. Welcome to the community forum. We’re glad you found us and have added to the conversations. Thanks for your feedback. I’m not sure how you can alleviate your concern either; maybe some of the homeowners here in the forum have come up with a way.

I do want you to know I submitted your words above to our product team for their review.

Again, thanks for letting us know of your concern.

@ElsieDownie you make an excellent point. As a sitter I generally have a list of questions written out but during an informal video chat (if I do one) I find that most of the answers come up in conversation in a natural way without it having to be a formal list of questions.
I’m sure the homeowner should be able to find the answer to most of their questions in the same way without it being a very formal ‘interrogation’. Like you, I have a very detailed profile and strive to mention the specific to the sit important things in my application.
It’s certainly useful for the owners to have a list of questions but most of those can be ticked off the list prior to a conversation.

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Until I have more experience, I feel like a Newbie when it comes to asking a potential SITTER the right questions. Of course, we all want to weed out those SITTERS who are more into looking for a place to live versus caring for your pet.
From your experiences, what essential questions do you feel are your top three when interviewing a SITTER? Please share. If you have more than three questions to share, excellent!
I look forward to everybody’s replies.


I’m a sitter, not a home owner however it’s always worth searching the forum to see if your question has been asked before. Here’s a link to one of the threads which may help you:

Hi @pocodino
Your questions will depend on how much information the sitters have provided in their application.
A good applicant should be so thorough that there are very little questions that the HO will need to ask. I find that it is me, the sitter, that asks the HO many questions, mostly about the pets.
In over 13 years sitting, I have never been made to feel that I am being “interviewed”. It is usually a friendly two way conversation.


I’m completely new and wondering what sort of questions should I be asking potential sitters? Also does everyone have insurance. Do I need some kind of additional insurance if I’m letting people into my home? Just want to make sure I cover all bases.

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Hi @LynneMarie - welcome! Here’s a thread to start you off

And if you use the spyglass at the top of the forum there are some more tips on this topic to read which will help :+1:t3:

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We too have had nothing but good experiences as owners using TH to cover for our critters as we travel. But I am still unsure about this: Of all the house sitters that have come here, I think I may know the last names of only a few, and the home address of only a couple. If something should go wrong, can I rely on TH to cooperate with the needed information?

Is that normal? Should we be a bit more careful, asking for full names, home address and perhaps even ID? Are we being too naive? I do worry some about how easy it would be for someone to steal our identity and we would never know it until way too late.

What should we be wise and savvy about here?

I don’t even know if they always could help with that. The address and phone number that they have of the sitter may not be current.

And there is the ID check, but that is run by a different company, Evident. If I remember correctly, the identity document that was submitted is not kept on file.

Curious what you mean: “do they have a permanent address? Where can they be contacted by an insurance company in case of damages?” If damage occur that aren’t with intent (i.e. malice), the HO’s insurance policy would cover. Sitters are legally Guests. It sounds like you’re asking them where they can be served legal documents, which would likely be a red flag for the other party.

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