List of questions for HOs to ask the potential sitters?

@Düsenzofe yes good idea…its a big job!

Hi @Düsenzofe … I would be happy to split off the conversations about insurance so that that thread can continue and we can get answers, while keeping this thread for your home owner questions. What do you think? It might make sense?


Oh yes, thank you so much, I appreciate this :grinning:


Having had experiences with 4 different sitters so far, I now add:

  1. How would you describe your house cleaning habits?
  2. Will you be able to clean the house at the end of your stay, including vacuuming and wiping down all touchable surfaces?
  3. Do you plan on spending any overnights away from the house?
  4. Do you have experience giving __ type of medication to a cat using __ method?

I didn’t think I would need to ask these things because I made my “sitter responsibilities” section very descriptive, but have had some negative experiences regarding these topics. At this point, I figure it’s better for me to ask them what their plans and habits are and decline them rather than tell them my expectations surrounding these topics and have them do the opposite… Which has happened several times now.


Thank you so much :pray:t2:
This is really helpful and I will add everything to the list.
I updated it in my post with the list!

Hi @Elyse welcome to our community forum and thank you for joining us.

You are so right, we do learn with each sit that everyone is different and having clear and concise communication and guidance on expectations for both owners and sitters is the recipe for a successful sit. Those are great points and questions.

Enjoy being on the forum and connecting with other community members, we learn from and support each other.

Angela and the Team