Hi, from Zug, Switzerland!

Dear all,

We’re a multicultural couple living in Switzerland for many years, and we’re new to the platform.

We would like to give a great experience to our sitters and a better understanding of our needs. Could you please give us feedback on our listing + welcome guide? It’s very important for us that the sitters understand how crucial is for us our dog’s training and rules.

Please let us know what should we add!

Thank you in advance for your time and help,

The Rossfer Family


Hello @maryfernandez and a very warm welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Your sit looks lovely and in such an idyllic beautiful location :mountain_snow:

I have attached a thread you should find helpful and I am sure other members on here will also offer helpful pointers regarding your listing :blush:

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Thank you so much for answering me and tagging me.

I had a look and it’s amazing what the community has created! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hi @maryfernandez , yours looks like a great sitting opportunity and I am sure you will never have any difficulty attracting great trusted house sitters ( I have favourites it as a future possibility for us!

Just a couple of things I would mention,

You say “Ensure daily walks or at least provide opportunities to go outside for toileting.” I would change this to simply " “Ensure daily walks” All good sitters will be walking your dogs daily, you don’t want a sitter that will be doing any less than this.

You say " Do not allow them to play with other dogs while we’re not present." I would delete “while we 're not present” as you won’t be present whilst the sitters are with your dogs so the extra is not necessary.

Some pictures of your balcony and also the surrounding areas of your home would be lovely to see, I did a quick Google and the lake alone would tempt me to visit!

Good Luck!

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Your listing looks concise yet thorough .
I didn’t understand the first responsibility
“ Never greet or say goodbyes when entering or leaving the house”
But it wouldn’t put me off applying - if I was an applicant I would ask for clarification.

I agree with @Colin that photos of your local area and outside space would be useful for potential sitters. Also more information about the proximity to public transport would be helpful for your sitter to plan their travel.

I see your listing has already been paused as you have the max 5 applications already .