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When I asked for feedback several years ago, the input I got was incredibly helpful. It’s been a minute, though – this is actually the first time we’ve needed a sitter since the shutdowns – and I thought maybe it might be helpful to get some updated feedback, if people would be willing.

Thank you for any advice!


Looks great! If I didn’t already have a sit scheduled, I’d apply, because I’ve enjoyed your part of the world enough to return, but I don’t need to do a bunch of first-timer sightseeing. Maybe I can sit sometime down the line.

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Hi @Val , what a lovely listing, as well as home and cats. It’s thoughtfully written, and the photos are beautiful. Fingers crossed you find your match soon.

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@botvot, thanks! I was thinking that the kitchen photo and dining room photo probably should be replaced, I thought they were fine five years ago, but now they feel pretty grim. I also was wondering whether I’m just way too wordy…I don’t like to leave out anything that could be helpful (whether in being informative or preventing an unpleasant surprise) but I kind of feel like there’s a lot.

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@Maggie8K, thanks! Haven’t listed it yet because I thought I’d wait another week.

We had one or both of our adult children living with us for much of the shutdowns, and the last one just finally packed up for a job in another city, so it’s very weird to be needing a petsitter again.

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Your wording is everything a sitter wants to hear.

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Hi @Val
What a beautiful home and cats you guys have!
Maybe it’s me but I like the first photo to either show the home/apartment from outside or amazing animals I’ve sitting for.
Just my 2 cents.

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Looks great! Car included is quite a nice feature. I would highlight that in the first paragraph!

Love the photo of you in Puerto Vallarta, one of my favorite places. Looks like the photo may have been taken from Hacienda San Angel.

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Looks like you have a lovely house and gorgeous cats @Val and if I’d love to sit but am ‘downunder’ until March 2024.
If the pics of inside the house are 5 years old then I would replace them with more up to date ones.
Also, you mention the driveway 3 times! You only need to mention it once, so delete two of those otherwise that could put people off….

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Thanks, @Val. Unfortunately, I have another sit that conflicts in October. Maybe you could contact me when you plan trips for next spring or summer? I’ll DM you my contact info if you’d like. No pressure, of course.

Possible useful observations as you look for sitters:

Many good ones book out months ahead. Some even further out.

If you get a good applicant, it can pay to move quickly, because many folks apply for multiple sits at the same time. You don’t want to lose a good sitter to someone else.

It probably will become more competitive through the rest of 2023, because many good sitters are already booked for holidays.

Folks who tend to have the easiest time landing sits:

  • sitters with great reviews
  • f/t telecommuters
  • older women
  • mature couples
  • folks who are willing to accept sits with many animals / small holdings

And the longer sitters are on the platform, the more likely they’ll get repeat and unsolicited sits (if they want them).

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@Maggie8K, thanks so much! I always figured too far out and you’re risking someone’s life changes. How early would you recommend posting a trip that is definitely scheduled? I mean, is 10 months too early?

I booked this last one really late, as a local daily petsitter flaked on me without explanation two days ago. I hadn’t posted the sit here in the first place because the yard is completely torn up (we’re putting in a new driveway) and it seemed like a lot to ask for someone who would actually be living here, especially as we don’t even have a cement pour date yet and there’s a not-zero chance the pour could happen during the sit. And the listing needed to be updated. I was scrambling to leave messages for other local dailies when I decided to just go ahead and post, kind of like, “What the heck, maybe someone will be willing”. Which led to me updating, which led me back in here to all of you helpful people. :slight_smile:

@Smiley, lol! I was really worried someone wouldn’t see it the warning! Thanks, I’ll tone it down. (Actually I can probably take it out at this point, someone has agreed to come!)

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@PVGemini, thanks! The car is a 20-year-old CRV…hm, actually maybe I should mention that fact, and that while it runs fine, it’s pretty banged up.

That is exactly where we were in that photo! Lol, that photo is the only one that misrepresents things, it’s from 2012. :smiley: I was actually wondering if I should remove that, too. Could that have gotten added to the listing in some site update, as I thought it was just a profile photo for HOs? Do sitters want to see a clear photo of HOs? As an HO, I do want to see the sitter, not sure why it matters more to me as an HO than as a sitter.

@richten1, thanks! I’ve not included an exterior photo for security/privacy reasons. From our description of what you can walk to, anyone could find it in twenty minutes of driving up and down streets. How important is it to include one, do you think?

Yes, that’s why I don’t plan sits far in advance. But some really experienced sitters do and they turn up. Some are full-time nomads and need a place to live no matter what, so the ability to plan helps them with that and they can string a bunch of sits together in the same region or country. Plus, planning can help with the costs of travel. Some folks are retired, so they have more flexibility and control over their schedules than most people.

Otherwise, you might also get sitters who need to be in your area during those exact times, like to celebrate family occasions or reunions or such.

I’d suggest listing all the sits you’ve got firm dates for now. That way, you can take your time and see if you find good folks right off. And if not, you can always relist or update your listing as time draws nearer.


I think your profile looks great! As sitters, you have checked all the boxes on things I like to see. I like your thorough outline on distances to places as even with the use of a car, I like to know what is within walking distance. As someone else mentioned, I think I would include the “use of car” earlier in your profile as people that would be a good selling point. I also like that you share pictures of the bed the sitter will use. There’s nothing more pointless than showing me a picture of the master suite if that’s not where I’ll be staying. As we like to show up early to insure there are no travel problems, we would appreciate the offer to stay the night before the sit. And personally, I’d be perfectly fine driving your car!

While I hadn’t really thought about Cincinnati, I would consider applying for yours if I knew for sure when I was heading back to Europe after our return to the US early next year. As full time sitters, I’m in favor of posting in advance as we are fully booked up through mid January already.

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@Val I love the photo! I am not an Owner, so I don’t know how Owners set a profile photo. I would not change it!

Good idea about the older Honda CRV. That is perfect, though. I would rather drive around in non-pristine car!

We will be staying at my friend’s home literally on the same block in Puerto Vallarta in a few months during the Virgin Mary Guadalupe festival! Lots of parades down by the cathedral.

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@Val looks great and just favorited! Hope we get to sit for you at some point. Our nephew is starting college outside Columbus so would be great to tie in a visit with kitty time on either end.

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@Val - Fabulous looking sit! I didn’t see anything you should change & loved your sense of humor. Even saved it myself as a favorite!

Regarding post covid, we started having sitters in 2020, right in the middle of covid and have continued. Aside from keeping our distance during the heighth of covid, we haven’t really changed anything post covid.

Wish you the best & hope to be able to apply for a sit at your home one day.

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Oh, I would have been comfortable hosting a sitter during covid, especially once we learned that it wasn’t passed via surface contact. I just didn’t need one as one or the other of our adult children were living at home for much of it from the early days through this past June due to giving up their apartments because their employers went fully remote. I actually did several sits during covid myself after finishing my first series. My husband and I felt like it was Rumspringa after that second shot. :smiley: