Listing Advice?

Can anyone give me feedback on my listing? It is posted in my profile.

Thank you!

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Looks great! Anything specific you want help with?

Spacious bedroom! It seems from the photos that the cats are often on the bed. Is this where also a sitter is supposed to let them sleep? It is not explicitly mentioned in the listing, I think.

Since I was on a sit without a real shower (although a shower was listed in the amenities and mentioned in the text), I would like to see a photo.

You might want to add the fact that you’ve been kind enough to offer your car to the title of your listing so that potential sitters know that right away. “Car Included! Two playful cats…”


I think it looks great, and if we were in that part of the country, we would likely apply. The house is clean and comfortable. Love the climbing wall for the cats you have installed! And I especially like the detailed behavioral descriptions of the cats. Good luck!

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Good point. They sleep everywhere. I have no problem with them being shut out of where the sitter sleeps.

Hi Jessie, I am a sitter and actually already put your listing in my Favourites. Unfortunately these dates don’t happen to work for me, but I hope another time I can sit for you! I think you’ve done a great job with your listing. Possibly more lead time would have helped? I know that’s not always doable, but it’s a thought. I mostly look at sits in the Northeast. I am familiar with and very much at home in upstate NY, but I usually don’t have much competition so I’m afraid it’s not such a “popular” destination, especially for those coming from afar. So again, my only suggestion is to post your listings as far ahead of time as possible.


Sorry, just wanted to add one more thing. It’s nothing you have control over, but I have noticed that a ton of listings aren’t getting many applicants during Thanksgiving. My guess is that more sitters than not, at least in the US, have made plans to gather with family and aren’t available to sit unless their destination happens to be near your home. Hope you get a wonderful sitter!

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It’s a mystery to me! I love the Hudson Valley. I would do this if I didn’t have a life elsewhere, I would actually consider this if we didn’t have vacation plans plop in the middle of it. The only thing I can think of is it does require a car which is difficult for some nomadic sitters. Maybe try talking about how awesome the Hudson Valley is?

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It is pretty funny to see the cat on the wall. One hasn’t taken to it yet, but I’m hoping she will with continued encouragement!

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Thanks! Yes. I did, but then I couldn’t follow up on the applications promptly, and understandably, they found other sits. But my dad is out of the hospital and rehab facility! So that’s cool.


It looks fab but wondering if the cats are allowed out/if there’s a cat flap? Presumably the shower is in the bath as no picture, pointed out by @pietkuip


That is how it was on my last sit. Just a shower head on a hose in the bath. No way to mount it on the wall, no shower curtain.

So no possibility to take a normal shower. Living a month like that was a constant annoyance. Especially when a shower was under “amenities” in the listing.

I have had that often, @pietkuip particularly in African and Middle Eastern countries. It’s really, really annoying and awkward I agree. Not even a bath, just a recess with a hand held hose, no shower curtain, often with the toilet in there as well and water going all over the floor.

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I can imagine how annoying it would be. It takes me back to my childhood!

@Jessie - love your area! Here’s the questions I would have if applying.

(1) I see multiple bedrooms in your pictures, would be nice to adjust the Home & Location area to mention how many bedrooms are available for sitters. We once applied & got a sit for a home that showed 2 bedrooms in the pictures only to discover we could only use 1 bedroom.
Lesson learned to ask during the application process.
(2) How far are you from Red Hook…is it walkable or bikeable to?
(3) I see only heating is mentioned in amenities. If no A/C I would write that in just in case you have a sitter during warm weather.

Yikes! No shower is tough. Nope. Actually, we’ve got two bathrooms! I will add photos.

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Good points!
I have just left the house for the sitter. So I thought both bedrooms, but you are right I can specify. I don’t want someone throwing a party, but I have mentioned this in the conversations with the sitter and in the welcome guide.
I will add that we are 3 miles from town. I have put the car is available because it’s not walkable. Several sitters have declined because of that.
I did have a/c on the profile, but we have window a/c’s that aren’t in anymore. I also took some of the ‘summer’ stuff, like BBQ, out because now it’s colder. I was planning on putting that stuff back when we are looking for warm weather sits.

You may not care, but will they cry and scratch at the door if they are shut out? That is seriously in an entirely different way

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Looks great.
However, as a couple, we don’t like to do sits where the double bed is against the wall like it looks in your blue bedroom.