Feedback on listing

Hi all,

Just posted a listing for a relatively short-notice (but not short-notice enough for that section on the forum) sit, and wanted to maximize the appeal to potential sitters.

The link is in my profile. Any advice for me?

Thanks so much in advance!

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It looks lovely! The one tiny thing I’d change would be to add a couple more pillows to the bed. You should find someone though, especially in a walkable place. Having said that it’s around easter so lots of sitters are booked up on longer trips that include the holidays and airfare to get to places is probably pretty high right now.

Never heard of clicker training cats that’s amazing. Also thank you for being upfront in your listing about street noise and the cats sharing the bed - both very important to know ahead of time!


Thank you for taking the time to check out the listing and for the advice. I have heard that about Easter; here’s hoping we get lucky. :crossed_fingers:

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It looks lovely. I just favorited it. If I had any interest or ability to go hang out in Atlanta at that time, your home and your cats would be fantastic. I’m sure you’ll get responses. Plus even with airfares, Atlanta is a hub so I can’t imagine fares would be too high at any time.

One suggeson is to change your first photo. The bed isn’t going to attract anyone, but a clear, close-up photo of the 2 cats might.

Only the first few words of your headline will show in the thumbnails, so say something important. maybe “Midtown, easy cats…”

Good luck.

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@wishandrocky Welcome! Two thoughts on your listing:

  1. As others have mentioned, change your feature pic to something else – maybe your photo of the cats lounging in the sunlight while lying in their kitty tower?

  2. For sitters who drive their own car: Where can sitters park that is near your apartment and would it be free? Is it a safe area to park overnight?

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Hi and welcome to the forum!

I have not read other posts, as to keep my suggestions neutral.

First, I would not be so specific in detail regarding your location in a public listing.

Should you mention smoking preference?

Always good to mention how long your adorable kitties can be left alone and that you expect the sitter to sleep in the home each night.

I would just add a caution that as this seems to be your first listing, try and go with a THsitter that has 3 or more THS specific reviews.

And interview well so that y’all and the sitter have a clear understanding and a successful exchange!

Good luck!

PS: you could DM me that chair MFG😉

As a sitter, I personally would appreciate some info on the pet(s) personalities. For example, Sushi like to snuggle? Is Chopstick skittish? Should I expect the kitties might want to sleep with me at night?

Looks like you have your five applicants already and I am wishing you good luck with finding the right one for Sushi and Chopstick!

Love the first picture with the cat sitting in the sunbeam! It was a great suggestion to put that first!

My only suggestions are in the Responsibilities section:

  • Are they indoor/outdoor cats? Are they kept indoors overnight? I tend to avoid entirely indoor cat sits, because I love fresh air! (So if they are indoor, but you can open certain windows - mention it “they’re indoor but x window has bars / can be set to have a small gap open.”)

  • How long can they be left along during the day. You’ve mentioned that 1 overnight is ok, which is very generous, but I wouldn’t know how long I could spend out day to day. Maybe something like “The cats are ok with being left for x hours in a day, but we would prefer it if the sitter was home for part of the day on some of the days, so they don’t miss out on human interaction.

  • Clicker training - mention that they’ve been trained, not that you’re expecting them to be trained! (I know it seems obvious to you, but some people, like me, take things very literally, and I wouldn’t be certain of that sentence.) Maybe “The cats are clicker trained! They can sit, stay, and come when called by name. You are free to continue with this but it’s entirely optional.

If I was borderline on Favouriting a property - the lack of clarity about indoor / outdoor and how long they can be left alone would put me off. I’m pleased to see that you’ve found a sitter, maybe some of these tips could help speed it up in the future.

Please let us know how settling on your first sitter was like for you!

Adorable names for your cats. I feel like eating Japanese now :slight_smile: