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I might say something like, “My place has two bedrooms, one with a full sized bed that is used for airbnbs/guests and one with a queen sized bed that is a bit more lived in as it’s my bedroom. Sitters can choose the one they prefer.” Or something along those lines. Then, when you are having a chat with your prospective sitter, you can bring it up again and let them know that if they’d like to use your room you’ll be sure to give it a tidy.

In response to the other question you posted, I’d say since you made some changes it would be wise to repost. I know the membership services will sometimes boost listings, but as a sitter that’s out of my wheelhouse.

I really hope you find someone! :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:

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Yes, if it were me I’d boost it again (and again). It’s such a good sit, someone will be lucky to get it!

Awesome, CoolCatAunt. Thank you so much! That’s so perfect. I’ve thought about giving sitters the option of which bedroom, but could never quite figure out how to do it. And if/when I do a video chat with prospective sitters, I can virtually show them both bedrooms so they can decide which they prefer.

I just upgraded my membership from Basic to Standard, so was able to “boost” my listing without deleting and reposting. Keeping fingers crossed!

Thank you, Solo! I just boosted it!

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@GardenCat I find your point about Christmas interesting. Some owners create their listings where they include assurance that the home will be all decked out for Christmas, even though they will be away. That often makes me think of those who do not celebrate Christmas. As a sitter, I have had owners say that they enjoy the Christmas season and start early, but then ask my preference - whether I want the decorations left up or packed away before the sit. I appreciate owners who are that thoughtful. :heart_eyes:

Hi Snowbird, that is interesting. Do you think I should specify that my home WILL NOT be decorated for Christmas? Interestingly, I’d be less likely to want to stay somewhere all Chrismas-ed up!

So this is great, and strange…

I just an application!!! Yay!!!

And she said “I see you haven’t had a chance to fill out your profile yet, what type of furbaby do you have and what’s its name?”


@GardenCat , I agree with @Katie. I’m also from Philly and love to go back but would need to know about street parking availability , as I would be driving and don’t want to pay the high cost of a parking garage or lot.

Mars - I totally discussed free street parking in my listing!

I see that now. Maybe specify whether there is ample free street parking and how close it is to the house, and whether it means moving the car around or not. Also, safety/security–i.e., do cars get broken into.

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That is odd. Maybe it’s a THS glitch and your listing looked blank?

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Hi Katie, do you think I need to say more about parking? I worry that my listing might already be a bit on the wordy side. Here’s what my listing says about parking: "My street is one of Philadelphia’s “small streets.” Many would consider it an alley - it is very narrow, with no parking (though all the adjoining streets have free, unlimited parking.) "

@GardenCat I don’t think you need to address it in your listing. Your listing should generally highlight what you do have, rather than what you don’t. :wink: Those who celebrate Christmas will find their own way of celebrating the season, with or without an owner’s decorations. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Both Standard and Premium should let you see who has favourited your listing. I’m not an HO, though. Can you see any favourites? I would assume it should work now, vs some weird “only the ones who favourite after you’ve upgraded.”

BTW, you may want to spend a little time thinking/crafting your invite to sitters who have favourited you. I’m not saying it should be personalized for every sitter. Just saying it could be a very different UX, esp. if targeting local sitters. I was going to write a long post about simply my thoughts, but not sure when I’ll get to it.

edit: I just favourited your listing, so either way, you should see at least one person on there. Consider it a test case. :sweat_smile:

Congrats on progress!

Yeah, sounds like the rest of us can see your listing. Hopefully the applicant is genuine. If so, it’d be a glitch or she just did a generic application. You could send her the link to your listing, plus a screenshot of part of it so you’re on the same (web)page.

Update: I responded to the applicant saying I’d love to have a video call with them, and asking if they could see my listing yet. It’s been two days, and my messages are unread.

I did get another application, from someone who said “your dates are flexible, can we come in January?” Since this is a trip to visit my partner’s mom for Christmas, they’re not that flexible…

Over three days and still my messages, unread and no response from the one applicant.

If I were even a little paranoid I might believe that she was on this forum and saw my plea and decided to just apply to mess with me.

@GardenCat in regards to your last statement, I am sure this is not the case as this community is all here to help each other…not cause stress!

No, of course not.

Unfortunately, that sitter didn’t work out, either. We eventually did set up a Zoom appointment. She was a no-show who texted two hours after our appointment time to say: “Sorry, got caught up with work. And it turns out that the dates of your sit won’t work for me anyway.” Grrrr.

Hi @GardenCat
Cute cats! Can I make a suggestion as someone that likes to walk places. Walkable has such a wide scope that some people might take that as an hours walk each way while others may think only walkable if it takes 10 minutes for various reasons.
I find it useful if you give a rough estimate of walking time to say a corner store plus any other local attractions.
Good luck.

Thank you, @richten1 . This is what my listing says in reference to “walkable.” Do I need to say even more?

“It’s the best of both worlds, with coffee shops & restaurants within a couple of blocks of my home. I am on the northern end of the Pennsport neighborhood, just south of Queen Village… An easy 25 minute walk to the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall & other historic sites & museums.”

Edited to add: I also discuss parking and public transit being “right around the corner” from my home.