Lovely Thank You Gift Idea

There have been a few threads on this topic but I couldn’t find the one I was thinking of so I’m starting a new one. I’m sure it’ll get moved. As a sitter, I am of the opinion that gifts on either side are unnecessary. It’s also been my experience that sometimes they’re unwelcome as I travel with very limited space so a physical item can become a problem and more than once, the gift a HO has given me has become a gift to someone at my next stop. For that reason, food has been my preferred thank you if the HO wants to give something.

However, I recently finished a sit and the HO gave me a gift. And it’s brilliant.

The HO went on holiday to Lindos, Greece and brought me back a Cats of Greece bag. It’s on point for the relationship (pets), it’s practical as I can use it as a shopping bag, a carryon on the plane, a beach bag, etc., and it takes up almost no space. It’s definitely the most practical item I’ve received from a HO and I’ve already used it multiple times and will continue to do so.

I’m not posting this to encourage gift giving but just as an idea of the kind of practical gift that could be appreciated if someone is inclined in that direction.


I think that’s a great idea. I buy nice shopping bags at many places we travel. It’s my go-to souvenir. They are generally inexpensive, useful while travelling, easy to pack, and lovely to use as a great memory when I get home. People are always commenting on my shopping bags when I’m at our local shops.